75% of the Daily Deal market (revised to 80%)

In compiling and looking through the top deal sites in Canada, many pieces of information become clear. Let’s focus on 1-2 of them here.

In Canada, about $375 million (revised to atleast $415 million) was purchased through Daily Deal sites over the past year.

75% (revised to 80%) of this market is derived from only 5 (6) deal companies.

Groupon, Wagjag, Dealfind, Teambuy, Tuango and Living Social

90% of the market is derived from about 11 daily deal companies.

95% of the market is derived from about 17 daily deal companies.


There are 150 or so deal sites in Canada. Therefore, 130 of them are battling it out for that remaining 10%.

There are a few large media companies in the country that have yet to go full steam on the daily deals strategy. Once they do, the top 10 should be different as will their percentage of the market. Some media companies in question include, but certainly not limited to: Post Media, Sunmedia, Rogers, TransContinental, Astral Media and Bell Media.

Also, we expect 2012 to bring several substantial changes  to the deals landscape in Canada. Mergers, acquisitions, closings, etc. These will all alter rankings.