A good week for the overall Deal industry in Canada; confident growth.

A good week for the overall Deal industry in Canada; confident growth.

I have been in Toronto all week visiting with several companies within this industry. I wanted to write a short post about the conversation we have been having and whom we have been having them with. I am even more confident in the future of the overall deals industry in Canada given the types of conversations and insights I have garnered over the past week.

Some of the companies we have met during the week include Mastercard, Torstar/Wagjag, Yellowpages/RedFlagDeals, Websaver, Simply Good Technologies, Return Path, Teambuy and 3 VC/investment firms. Our week was a busy one.

Although we cannot go into the details of each conversation, we can say that each company and each discussion provided enthusiasm from those across the table. Each excited over the developments and further growth possibilities within the deals and/or local commerce industry in Canada. Yes, there are challenges, but each company had a plan to move forward philosophy. Their strategies did not dwell on the obstacles or challenges. The conversations were refreshing for me. Even the conversations with the VC and investment companies were rather enthusiastic surrounding the Local Commerce space in Canada; a space that has a lot of activity and tremendous investment in the US and a space that some are actively looking into investing in (the Local Commerce space, not the Deals space).

Sometimes, especially those that work within the “forest”, it is hard to see beyond those trees, beyond the cloudiness of the industry that is perpetuated by media, bloggers, analysts, journalists and investors. The fact is, clouds move on and sunshine breaks through and reinvigorates.

This was a good week in terms of reconnecting with some of the leaders in the industry, a good week because many shared their expansion plans and opportunities for growth, a good week because many shared their concerns and challenges, a good week because those in conversation with me this week showed that the overall deals space in Canada (coupons, local offers, online deals, private sales, savings cards, credit card offers, cash back offers, etc) is growing despite some segments showing a declined growth…and that they are all enthusiastic about the possibilities going forward.

A good week.