Deal categories

The following represents the types of deal and coupon companies that work with the Canadian Deals & Coupon Association.



Sellers: Those who sell directly to consumers. Meaning the consumers pays them.

  • Daily Deal providers (Wagjag, Dealfind, Teambuy, Tuango, etc)
  • Flash Sales (Beyond the Rack, etc)

Distributors/Brokers: Those who distribute deals to consumers. Meaning they simply show or distribute deals, offers or coupons to the  consumer without the consumer having to pay for the privilege.

  • Couponing Providers/Portals (Red Flag Deals, Retailmenot Canada, etc)
  • Grocery Coupons (,,
  • Couponing Blogs (too many to list)
  • Coupon Books (entertainment book, etc)
  • Mobile Coupons (shopcatch, poynt, shopwise)
  • Portals with coupons (Any consumer portal that also has coupons, so restaurant portals, regional portals, etc)
  • Daily Deal Aggregators (onespout, Dealivery, cakedeals, etc)
  • Savings Cards (Student Price Card,, Mastercard Priceless, other credit cards)
  • Coupon Advertising inserts

Direct to Consumer:

  • Retailers (there are many retailers who adopt deal campaigns as part of their ongoing marketing mix. These retailers understand how to achieve a return. Those retailers that are effective typically leverage an array of promotional techniques, either coupons, affiliate networks, daily deals, mobile offers or social offers. And some offer deals directly to the consumer)
  • Manufacturers: (coupons are dominated by CPG products, home products and grocery products. Most manufacturers distribute their coupons through coupon portals like or At times they offer them directly to the consumer. )



(The following are companies that support the deals industry.)

Supporting Technologies

  • Technology for the Deals industry (platforms, ecommerce, deal networks, coupon technologies, mobile, etc)
  • Supporting Technologies (email, scheduling, calendaring, lead generation, customer service, etc)


Supporting Services

  • Affiliate Networks (cj, Linkshare, Google Affiliate, other Canadian affiliate networks)
  • marketing (SEO, email lists, Lead capture, etc)
  • advertising
  • consultants
  • other