Attention Daily Deal Merchants: STOP COMPLAINING

Retailers/Merchants: STOP COMPLAINING and focus on how to get daily deal consumers back as repeat customers.

First, Daily Deals are NOT or should not be seen or used by merchants as a sales vehicle to turn a profit. They are marketing and advertising vehicles. They bring in traffic…they bring in paying customers as opposed to other forms of advertising.

Second, the ability for daily deal consumers to return as repeat customers is completely in the hands of the retail establishment. It is in how a retailer manages its clients/customers that determines how many people return. Therefore, reading retailers complaining about how daily deal customers do not come back that often, well, that’s sour grapes. Getting them to be repeat customers is the responsibility of the retailer and not the Daily Deal site. The Daily Deal site did their job; they got you paying customers for free! Here’s an easy way for you to turn them into repeat customers and generate further, higher margin sales from them.

1. Launch a daily deal on your site of choice (Groupon , Living social, Dealfind, etc)

2. Customers redeem their deal in store

3. At the store, give the consumer ANOTHER % off voucher for their next visit or two, but send it to them by email. Therefore, you need to ask for their email. Don’t tell them to go to your Facebook page and sign up. They won’t. Specifically ask them for their email on the spot. Very few people will say no, especially if you are giving them another offer just for them. This can be a 20-30% off for their next visit or for their next 2 visits. Apply whatever makes sense for your business.

4. Email the consumer a THANK YOU for visiting and redeeming their initial voucher and include the additional % off voucher/coupon for their next visit

5. You now have a Daily Deal email database to track, manage and analyze. Make sure to follow up with them so they can redeem their new offers and get back in your store.

6. Repeat business from daily deal consumers will significantly increase


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  1. Brilliant tips! It makes absolute sense. Merchants would be crazy not to do anything like that!