Big Brands, the Holidays and Daily Deals

As expected, more big brands have jumped in and offered their good and services through daily deal sites this holiday season. The opportunity to distribute and sell goods this quickly is too attractive. Some brands are using Daily Deal sites as a customer acquisition play, while others are simply pumping inventory through the daily deal distribution machine. Either way, Daily Deal sites and their customers like it. Although we anticipated more brands jumping on board for this holiday season, there are,  nevertheless, some interesting ones being promoting. Here’s what’s happening this a next week:

American Apparel: This large retail brand ran a deal with Teambuy in October that generated around $500,000 in sales. They are about to launch, Monday December 12th actually, another week long extravaganza, again with Teambuy.  This time it will be different deals every day. Let’s see if this holiday promo will duplicate or improve on the results from the last deal.

La Vie En Rose: top woman brand across the country has a deal on right now with Buytopia. They will be promoting it for most of this week. The team at Buytopia has a knack for closing big brands. They have already run a deal with Sears and Staples and now “La Vie En Rose”.

Vox/Bell Canada: The long distance service will also be jumping into the deals industry with their own deal over the upcoming weeks.

Tim Hortons & Canadian Tire: Two of the largest Canadian brands are running an upcoming deal with Gaggleup. Actually, Gaggleup already ran a deal with Tim Hortons a couple of weeks back and will be running a dual Tim Hortons/Canadian tire gift card deal. Now, this relationship that Gaggleup has is due to their distribution deal with Canadian Tire.


There are more top brand deals coming in December. However, we either cannot write about who they are or we simply do not know.

Happy shopping..