Bye, Bye CaptainSave

As written over the past couple of weeks, the moment has come when daily deal sites are starting to go away, to merge, to close down, to consolidate. The market and competition is forcing them to do so.

Another example is CaptainSave. They will be shutting down as of September 1st. They sent a message to their subscribers stating that all vouchers should be printed before the 1st because of their shutdown. And that no vouchers will be available thereafter.

It would have been far more friendly if they announced that all vouchers will be transferred to a competing daily deal site in Toronto. That way, their existing customers need not worry about accessing their vouchers after they close down. Yes, that would have been the right thing to do, but I guess not part of the Captainsave philosophy.

Captainsave was using the Teamsave platform to run their daily deal service.

Look for more sites to close down over the next few months.


    Yeah, I have a useless $50 voucher from this POS site – who now won’t return my emails. Now I have to fight with my credit card company to get my money back.
    Who knows how much they scammed from others!