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When are you coming to Canada already?

Some US based online services have become so popular that we, as Canadians, certainly appreciate using them within our geography. Services such as Open table, Zagat, Yelp, Entertainment Book, etc

Given the popularity of the Daily Deal concept, media companies, internet portals and pretty much any other online service with a large audience is coming out with their own Daily Deal/Group Buying service. The following services have already launched their daily deal services.

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I hate Daily Deal Technology…no, I love it, really!

So what are your options for launching a Daily Deal service, technology wise?

Do you build your own, get a “guy” to build it for you, buy another failing daily deal site. Seeing that this business is less about technology and all about sales & marketing, we highly recommend that you do not spend an exhaustive amount of time on the technology issue. Today, there are numerous options, but really only one makes sense for most companies. The goal is to launch quickly and get your deals up and build your list of consumers. Making the wrong technology choice will, well, completely destroy your project time frame.

Let’s have a look at options, some more dubious than others.

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Starting a Daily Deal business is easy. Right?

So what’s so hard about this business anyway?

-Simply put up a website of daily deals (you can easily buy scripts or templates nowadays),

-Get some retailers on board

-Put up your deals on Facebook and Twitter

-What else? hmm, not much..should be straightforward..start posting deals online and wait for sales of 600-1500 vouchers sold per deal to just roll in. Collect money, pay the merchant and repeat. Nice & easy.

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Groupon in Montreal..not doing that well?

Groupon typically dominates every city it’s in. Why? 1. Certainly their name recognition 2. The media writes and promotes them more than any other Daily Deal service 3. They buy a ridiculous amount of search engine ads…..a ridiculous amount 4.

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Canadian City Guides, start a Daily Deal service.

If you are a publisher of a city guide or a local guide of some kind, then you should consider running daily deals for your audience, for the businesses you promote….and for yourself.

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Facebook Deals in Canada

Facebook already offers deals through its Facebook Places service. Now they are offering them in Canada.

Here is a good post by Brian Jackson from on the subject.

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Daily Deals: advertising strategy for merchants

Despite the criticism that some businesses don’t profit from Daily Deal promotions, an overwhelming majority do. Businesses should NOT approach daily deal promotions as a profit generator. The expectation should be that the business will NOT generate profit from the promo.

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Deal Gator, Daily Deal Aggregator expands throughout Canada

Deal Gator, a popular Daily Deal aggregator out of the US has announced its official expansion throughout Canada.

You can read about it all in their press release found below. Congrats Deal Gator, Canada needs aggregators with vision and solid features…there is now well over 50 daily deal sites in Canada and counting.

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Canadian Newspapers: Hungry for Daily Deals

Seeing that Daily Deals and Group Buying sites attract hoards of local consumers, it is no surprise that Newspaper and other media companies have taken interest. Or at least they have started to.

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HUGE Deals, coupons, Daily Deals on Restaurants in Montreal

Now, another Restaurant service out of Montreal called RestoMontreal is about to embark on this Daily Deal adventure. They are Montreal’s largest Restaurant search service having been around since 2004. With their over 500,000 monthly visitors they are in a fantastic position to reap the benefits of offering their audience a Daily Deal service.

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