Daily Deal aggregator from popular site Divine.ca

In a continuation of the popularity of Daily Deals, online portals are deciding on whether to jump in to this space.

We, at Group Buying Canada, have had numerous conversations with portals across the country who are considering offering Daily Deals to their audience. However, coming up with a Daily Deal service is not trivial. In fact, most portals don’t want the burden of starting another business. Instead they are opting to start a Daily Deal Aggregator service. Something that is far more manageable for them to do. They already have the audience and can now deliver deals to that audience in a more organized fashion. On top of that, they will earn between 5-15% commission on sales as an affiliate of the Daily Deal services they promote. Look for 2011 to be a year where dozens and dozens of online portals start a Daily Deal Aggregator service.

Enter Divine.ca & their aggregator dealivery.ca

Divine is one of Canada’s leading online destinations for women. They have plenty of content, a large audience and managed by a solid team who care about the user experience.  Like most online portals, they run google ads, nowadays filled with Daily Deal sites, so it just makes sense for them to offer a Daily Deal Aggregator. They will do real well with this, especially given their audience. (most Daily Deals are purchased by women)


Divine is owned by the folks at BAM Strategy. BAM is one of Canada’s leading interactive marketing agencies and  named by Procter & Gamble as being Canada’s Best Agency Partner. The folks at BAM are immersed in digital life and Chris Emergui, President at BAM and Lonn Shulkin, VP & Managing Director for BAM, have strong backgrounds in growing online projects and businesses. The Daily Deal sector seems like a natural extension for them and based on their branding, their audience and attention to user experience, we have no doubt that Dealivery.ca will be one of the top Aggregators in the country.