Daily Deals for Business now in Canada

The one area in the deals space where Canada falls behind our American friends is the fact that there aren’t many niche sites in Canada. However, with the upcoming launch of GaggleBiz, Canada will now have a leading deals service focused on the business market.

GaggleBiz is run by Deal site Gaggleup. They have formed a partnership with National Post and Financial post in order to deliver daily deals to the business community across Canada.

Will providing daily deals to the business community prove to be a profitable model? In the US the leading deals site for business daily deals is RapidBuyr. Although they are growing, they have nevertheless had a tough time operating a profitable service. One of the ways GaggleBiz can impact profitability is to reduce its customer acquisition costs. Partnerships with national post and financial post will certainly help with distribution of offers and attracting business customers to buy deals from GaggleBiz. Is this type of service needed for the business community in Canada? You bet. Canada does not have many services that help businesses buy better or buy with less expense.

The concern is not whether the service that GaggleBiz will offer is needed, it truly is. The focus will now be on whether GaggleBiz can operate and market a B2B service profitably. Afterall, the numbers and nuances for a b2b daily deals business are vastly different than that of a consumer based daily deals business. For starters, consumers can buy many restaurant deals in a given month, businesses do not buy as often. Once they bought a desk or a server or an email software, that’s it, they are not buying it again. As such, one of the goals for GaggleBiz would be on figuring out how to get businesses to buy more often from their service.

More information regarding their launch, as provided by Gaggleup, can be found below:


Toronto, Ontario: GaggleUp Inc. and Post Media, (National Post, Financial Post) will launch their strategic partnership called GaggleBiz. GaggleBiz, will be offering business daily deals, tailored for small to medium size businesses. The service will launch on  April 2nd.

The GaggleBiz pre‐launch campaign, launched on March 7th, will offer an array of exciting contest prizes and promotions from national brands including Grand & Toy, Comwave, GelaSkins, and the Financial Post.

GaggleBiz is a one‐stop center point dedicated to providing millions of small and medium size businesses with savings on the products and services that are vital to their business, every day, to help them save money and grow! Deals will have a strong focus on products and services across a wide range of categories, including office supplies, website design, sales and marketing, maintenance services and technology.
The full program will launch on April 2nd, 2012.

About GaggleUp Inc.
GaggleUp Inc. is a co‐branded, full service group‐buying platform built to match the
needs of corporate marketers, premier merchants, businesses and consumers through
the creation and delivery of exclusive deals. Founded in 2010, the company is based
in Toronto, Canada.

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