Daily Deals on Restaurants in Canada…Yummy

New deal of the day websites are popping up every week. There are now well over 100 such sites in Canada and growing quickly. One of the best ways of competing in this very competitive space is by providing niche deals to consumers. Niche sites have a real chance of long term success. One niche that seems to be perfect for the daily deal space is restaurant deals.

Here are 3 services of note:

Dealicious: This service is owned by Dine.to, another online restaurant destination out of Toronto. Dealicious will most certainly leverage the over 250,000 monthly visitors it already has through Dine.to, giving them a strong edge on other Daily deal services.  Look for them to be a leader in the daily deal space for Toronto and across the country.

FoodScrooge: a different take on food daily deals. They offer deep-discounts on frozen foods ranging from meats to seafood to all-natural pasta through a network of independent grocers in the Greater Toronto Area.

RestoBoom: They are owned by the country’s largest restaurant portal, RestoMontreal. They boast a very large community and are in the midst of launching their own restaurant daily deal service called RestoBoom, which will offer deals across the country. Given how popular going to a restaurant is in Montreal, and given their position in the city, look for RestoBoom to dominate this category.

Daily deals on restaurants are one of the more popular services bought by consumers. Consumers get great deals on an expensive service and restaurant owners get to promote their establishments and fill tables. We anticipate more restaurant/food based daily deals to launch in Canada over the upcoming year. However, our “guestimate” is that RestoBoom and Dealicious will lead the country. That is, until Opentable launches in Canada.

If you know of any other Restaurant or other niche services, please let us know.

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