Daily Deals, what consumers search for

Continuing with the theme of Daily Deal Data.… Here are further stats from aggregator The Deal Map, which comes from tracking about 410 daily deal sites.

Percentage of Deal sites by category.


Consumer Searches by Category:


Consumer searches on Mobile














Quick take away:

-There is a lot more room for niche and specialized Daily Deals. There are too many generic site going after the same consumer. However, focusing on a niche lowers competition and most likely increases profitability. Merchants promoting themselves through niche sites can also ensure that they are reaching their type of customers.

-Daily Deal sites are NOT putting up as many deals from categories that consumers are actually searching for. Why? Simple. There is more profit in posting a deal for spas then posting for restaurants or typical shopping items. As sites get better at making deals more relevant to their audience, the more consumers will adopt these services.


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