Dealfind deals promoted by Google Offers

Google Offers recently announced that they will be launching an aggregator service along side their Google Offers service. Meaning: they will be promoting and distributing other daily deal site’s deals along side Google Offers deals. See the full announcement here:

One of those daily deal sites they have partnered with is none other than Canadian deal site Dealfind. It is unclear whether Google Offers will be distributing Dealfind deals in the US or if they will be launching Google Offers in Canada and distributing Dealfind deals in Canada. As soon as we get more answers we will update this post.

Our take on all this:

Brilliant move. Coopetition. If done well, it works. To attract more and more consumers to Google Offer, more and more deals need to be offered. The Google Offers team simply cannot produce the amount of deals necessary to keep consumer appetite satisfied. As such, they are partnering with a handful of sites in order to round out their offers. Partnering with sites that are not a threat to Google Offers and partnering with niche sites in the golf space and family space as well.

We predict that more and more deal sites will start aggregating deals and distributing deals from other sites in order to fill inventory for cities they are not in or to satisfy the appetite their subscribers have for deals. We already know of several in Canada that will be following this strategy.

Is there anything in it for the daily deal site besides filling up inventory? You bet! Affiliate revenues are to be had to the tune of 10-20% on gross sales. In other words, Google Offers should be making a percentage commission on any sales they refer back to their aggregator partner. Making Google Offers a master affiliate. I wonder if Google Offers will be distributing deals from its partners in cities that Google Offers is not yet in. This would be a good strategy to start accumulating subscribers until Google Offers has entered that city.

Again, congrats to Dealfind.

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