Dealfind finally in Montreal

One of Canada’s most popular and successful daily deal sites has finally entered the Montreal market. Great news for Montrealers. They have been active in Montreal for a couple of weeks.

Dealfind has been a screaming success since its launch in 2010. In fact, it is arguably Canada’s most successful Daily Deal site. It holds the records for #1 and #2 sales for a given deal. The First had total sales of: 11,504 vouchers = $632, 720! $55 for $175 Worth of Organic and Naturally Raised Meats from The Butchers

The second, total sales of: 6892 vouchers = $268,788. $39 for $80 Worth of Fresh Lobsters, Seafood, Drinks & More at The Lobster Trap Restaurant

They also consistently beat Groupon and Living Social in some of their cities across Canada. Dealfind has grown quickly and quietly. They are also the first Canadian based site to expand into the USA. They now have presence in numerous cities in the US. As mentioned above, they are now in Montreal.

Here is what you need to know pertaining to their entry in Montreal:

1. They post deals in English only. There is no French version of the site for now, but this is being launched shortly.

2.Their top competitors in Montreal will be Tuango, Les Pac, Redflag Deals and Living Social.

Tuango: available both in French and English is probably Montreal’s top daily deal service. They have done incredibly well over the past 9 months

Les Pac: Another very impressive service owned by the Yellow Pages group and leveraging their classified ads audience. Only available in French and ingrained in the Quebec french community and culture. They do very well.

Red Flag Deals: The super savings community also owned by the Yellow Pages, available in English and French (les Pac)

Living Social: Available in English and poorly translated French, but produces good results.

So what about Groupon? Well, Groupon continues to have challenges in Montreal. They are not a strong competitor in Montreal and the companies listed above along with a few other ones produce better results than Groupon does in Montreal. Go figure! See our post on Groupon in Montreal.


Congrats to DealFind once again for their success thus far, for expanding into the US and for finally offering Deals in Montreal.



    I think the main challenge to launching a daily deal company in Montreal is the language, and ego, barrier. Montreal people refuse to purchase anything that has any resemblance of English.. it’s almost funny.


      Hi Tom, although there is certainly a language barrier in doing business in Montreal, I would not say that ego is a relevant obstacle. Over the past 16 or so years in building teams, marketing programs, businesses and partnerships in and around Montreal I can confidently say that both language AND culture are the main areas of focus for any consumer focused company trying to do business here. I can write a book on this subject and many have. In terms of the Daily Deal space, take Groupon. They are doing rather poorly in Montreal, not because their site is not in French, it is. Rather it is because they have not connected with their audience. They do not understand the cultural nuances. In contrast, look at Tuango. They’re team is from Montreal, they hire Montreal based expertise and they are absolutely connecting with their audience. This has given them the #1 spot in all of Quebec as the leading daily deal site. The consumers in Montreal don’t have an ego any more than people in Cancun, Mexico. If you marketed a company in English in Cancun, sure it will generate some consumers, but only a fraction of what you would get if you marketed in Spanish. The same concept is true in Montreal. If you want to be successful in Montreal then market in French, take part in the consumer culture, hire experts who know what they are doing locally and above all, be genuine.