Dealfind product deal reaches about $600,000

**UPDATE** as of End of May 2012:  It has been published that a good amount of this deal could not be fulfilled and therefore purchases returned to customers. The volume of this deal is therefore not as stated in the original post below.


As we all know, product deals are becoming the norm across the industry. Some have done extremely well while other have simply caused headaches for deal site, suppliers and consumers alike. Over the next couple of weeks, the industry will see a large amount of products sold through deal sites due to Mother’s day…and then Father’s Day.

This past week, for instance, saw Dealfind promote a 6 piece cordless Tools set from Dewalt for $299, regular price $650.

It sold out at 1990 orders. They could have sold more. Total sales for this one item: , that is $595,010. We believe that is the largest product sale by a deals site in Canada this year so far.

Dealfind brokered the deal with a site called It seems they are an industry supplier more than an ecommerce store. Nevertheless, they are the online store of record for this sale and will be shipping direct to consumers.

With sales volumes this large, it is easy to understand why deal sites are hurrying to offer product deals to their database.

Given the success of this sale, look for a lot more tools to be sold going forward (especially for Father Day) by deal sites. No doubt Shopless Products will receive plenty of phone calls from deal sites.


    …and they’ve now emailed buyers with a notice that they will not be holding up their end of the bargain (delivering the goods).

    Yeah, this is simple math, folks. How much product do you have in stock? Don’t sell more than that.

    Dealfind’s rep just took a beating in my books. Shopless Products? Who are they? Who cares. It’s dealfind that will lose the most business from this fiasco. I’ve just unsubscribed from all correspondence with these people. Waste of time.


    I’d like to know how they can just back out of the deal?!?! I’m sure that I am not the only one out there that is extremely upset with DEALFIND. I don’t care who’s mistake it was, I signed up and paid $299! Now, 3 weeks later, I get the email stating “shopless will not be able to fulfill their obligations for this deal”. Shopless told me it wasn’t their mistake, it was Dealfinds!
    And just what did they do with the over half a million dollars they collected from the 1,990 of us for the last 3 weeks?!?


    That’s what I’m talking about. Truth be told, I put this deal onto a credit card and carried a balance for the first time in ages. Like you said, they had half a million bucks of ours for 3 weeks… interest free. I don’t know about you, but 10 dollars towards another dealfind purchase is rather an annoying apology. They don’t seem to get it–there will not be any more dealfind purchases. I too have emailed shopless products, so I am very curious as to whether or not I will hear from them.

    If this is dealfind’s fault, they ought to honour this deal and make the customers happy by delivering the goods. Whatever it takes. I have had much, MUCH better experiences with my Groupon and Kijiji deals, so I hope that Dealfind either makes this right, or suffers in the end with lost customers.


      What’s even worse is that initially they only had 1500 and then suddenly it went up to 1990 as they were shifting so quickly. Something is clearly wrong here. I believe it is a scam as they held on to $595,000 for three weeks before returning the money back to consumers.

      This is not the first time either. They recently had some android tablets which they again mysteriously failed to provide to the customers who brought them.

      It must be a very easy way to make thousands of dollars by making a web page with a great offer and taking peoples money with no intention of providing them the goods. Hang around for a few weeks, invest the cash, take the profits and then refund the customers.


    I am going through a similar dispute through deal ticker. We ordered these Super Juicers and they have not responded to our emails and calls. When you call shopless products, the number goes straight to voicemail. It appears to me that shopless products is a fraudulent company and should be avoided in the future. The irresponsible part of everything is the deal sites inability to provide adequate answers. The only way that they can contact shopless is the same way that WE the customer do. Thats unprofessional if you ask me. I put my confidence in these deal sites and they have have let me down. I will be relinquishing my accounts with both after I am done. If someone has any information on who shopless products inc really is or can find a company profile, that would be much appreciated.


    I have never had a problem with Dealfind. I purchased the Deal, the company could not provide the product, and I got my money back, life goes on. It’s the internet people…