Deals & Coupons Month is a GO in Canada!!

Deals & Coupons Month is a GO in Canada!!

In March we announced that we, along with the Affiliate Marketing and Retail industries were working on the creation of Canada’s National Deals & Coupon Month….which would be for the month of May every year.

After lot’s of hard work, plenty of conversations, persistence and certainly due to our dedicated sponsors, we are truly proud to announce that for the first time ever in Canada, the Retail and Deal & Coupon industries have come together to establish Canada’s National Deals & Coupons Month;  an event that celebrates and promotes the incredible amount of savings, rebates, deals and coupons that consumers can enjoy in this country.

The site has gone live at

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Over 60% of Canadians regularly use deals, coupons and offers. The demand continues to grow. Canadian consumers have an impressive amount of deal & coupon providers to select from for savings, not to mention the amount of deals, coupons and offers that Retailers provide directly. Establishing a month-long shopping event like National Deals & Coupons month in Canada is a way to celebrate both consumers who enjoy and benefit from the savings, and brands/retailers/deal-coupon providers who understand that special promotions drive value and attention.

How Can You Leverage This For Your Benefit?

Based on commitments by sponsors, partners and the community as a whole, we anticipate that 3 million Canadian consumers will be made aware of Deals & Coupons Month in Canada, if not more.

Here is how you can benefit:

For Deal & Coupon providers:
The event is the largest PR campaign this industry can ever have. We hope that you will all leverage the initiative as much as you can for your audience. This initiative is for all of you to create excitement, buzz and awareness for your audience, for retailers and for the press. You can also leverage the fact that Mother’s Day is coming up and tie in the Deals & Coupons month theme.

We have created a set of Banners, Badges and Logos for all to use as they wish. The simple fact of promoting that May is Deals & Coupons month will increase your open rates and conversions.

We, at the CDCA, have been working diligently on behalf of the industry in order to promote Deal & Coupon marketing and Deal & Coupon inventory to retailers and consumers respectively over the years. Producing the first Deals & Coupons Month in Canada is one of the initiatives that we have been looking forward to producing and we look forward to the attention and awareness this initiative can bring to the industry and to YOUR service.

Get a hold of us if you’d like to participate in some of the promotional campaigns for this initiative.


For Retailers
Retailers, especially online retailers, can leverage the event simply by promoting the fact to their audience that it is Deals & Coupons Month during the month of May. This simply announcement will create more interest, excitement, buzz and awareness for your audience. Remember to tie in all those Mother’s Day promotions.

Retailers can also use some of the Banners, Badges and Logos we created for the event, or use their own. Again, the simple fact of promoting that May is Deals & Coupons month will increase your open rates and conversions.


In particular, we’d like to highlight how impressed we are with the strong participation, support and enthusiasm shown by the community thus far and certainly from our sponsors who helped make the event possible. Over the upcoming weeks, we will be promoting the event to media and consumers and hope to see you do the same.

The goal for the event? There was a place for a promotional event in Canada during the first half of the year. The first promotional shopping event in Canada is only in August for Back to School promotions, then November has Black Friday and Cyber Monday, December follows with the holiday shopping season, Free Shipping Day and Boxing Week. Now, the month of May is Canada’s National Deals & Coupons Month. Over time, we will work diligently to ensure that Deals & Coupons Month is as important to the Retail industry and Deal & Coupon industry as some of the other promotional event in Canada listed above.

We thank you for your support and if there is anything we can do to help promote your service further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Canada’s National Deals & Coupons Month is celebrated from May 1st  to May 31st