Deals/Coupons, Affiliate Marketing get more attention at STORE Conference and Retail Industry

Deals/Coupons, Affiliate Marketing get more attention at STORE Conference and Retail Industry

Up next for big Retailing conferences in Canada is the STORE conference, put on by the Retail Council of Canada. (see discount code below for attending, exhibiting or sponsoring)

On June 3rd and 4th in Toronto, Canada’s biggest retail event,  the Store Conference, will take place attracting over 1000 leaders from the retail, supplier and consumer products community. The conference is rather impressive for those who have not attended before. Have a look at the list of speakers and there also the Exellence and Gala Retail awards and the Grocery & Consumer Goods Leadership Symposium also wrapped into the whole conference.

More and more retailers and brands are leveraging the power of Deal & Coupon Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing in order to reach consumers. In fact, more are realizing that the Deal & Coupon industry in Canada is a huge distribution channel for their marketing message, one that reaches over half of all Canadians. As such, we continue to invest quite some time in being present at all the major Retail events in Canada and forging closer relationships with retailers. The retailing industry leverages our own reach and influence into the Deals & Couponing or the Affiliate Marketing space in order help them execute better.

We have become Marketing partners with the Store Conference and the Retail Council of Canada because Deal & Coupon Marketing (be it through affiliate marketing or other means) is part of the the retail marketing conversation for many.  Translation: Deal & Coupon marketing is very relevant within the Retail world because it drive customer acquisition and we are playing a deeper role in promoting the benefits of our industry and its providers to the retail sector.

Conference Special Pricing

-For those that would like to attend the Store Conference, a special discount promo code has been arranged for our audience: Please use code COUPONGRP to receive your special pricing for the full conference.

-For those wishing to exhibit or even sponsor, yes, we have absolutely obtained special rates for you as well, saving you plenty of money and giving you the opportunity to leverage the conferences reach. To receive your rebate code for exhibiting or sponsoring the Store Conference, please contact us directly.

Besides the quality of the content that the Store Conference provides, it really is the level and amount of networking opportunities available at the retail executive level that is paramount.

We looking forward to seeing you there.