Easy way to find out if a concept is “hot”

This is a short post…..simply a little tidbit on one easy way to find out if a concept is popular.

Take Group Buying/Daily Deal services…how could you have evaluated whether this concept was going to be popular? Back in summer of 2010..was the concept really hot then? Well, Groupon was certainly making waves but the industry was “waiting” to see where this concept was going to go.

A great way of finding out if a concept or web service is popular or will be popular is to visit online Freelance sites and search for open bids for a clone of that concept. Services like elance, Guru, Freelancer or Scriptlance are services that have service provider bid on web development projects, marketing projects, admin tasks etc. Essentially these services have become the network for the business world’s global workforce.

If you typed in Groupon clone, or group buying clone, or Living social, etc you would get dozens and dozens of open projects to build a Groupon clone. Thus projecting its popularity and competitiveness. It was no surprise to those searching on these sites back in the summer of 2010 that there would be thousands of Groupon clones popping up by the end of 2010. The more projects that come up the more popular the concept. As of this writing, there were over 150 open projects for Group Buying clones on these services, not to mention those already in development. Translation, this concept will continue to be very popular throughout 2011 and beyond.

So try it out. If you want to know if a concept is “hot” or if it will have a lot of competitors, or if you simply want to build your own then go search on one of these freelance sites.