For Sale: Leading DEAL aggregator platform

For Sale: Leading DEAL aggregator platform

There are dozens of aggregators across North America, and many are for sale. However, there are only a few Daily Deal aggregators platforms that come up for sale. When they do, well, serious players in this industry should perk up and take a look.

At the moment there is one specific leading aggregator platform on the market. It is not public information or advertised freely. However, for those interested, we recommend to contact us quickly for this company will not be on the market for very long.

First of all, what is an aggregator platform versus an aggregator?

A deals aggregator delivers deals from daily deal sites directly to the consumer.
A deals aggregator platform enables others to launch a deals aggregator or publish deals on their site. Big difference.

The benefits of owning an aggregator platform can include:
* enabling others to launch their own aggregator
* providing publishers with the ability to deliver relevant and local deals to their audience.
* providing bloggers with another, more lucrative way of monetizing their blogs.
* the typical affiliate commission relationship would be between 10-15% from deal providers to the aggregator.

Thus, who can benefit from owning an aggregator platform:
Quite frankly, the top Newspaper and media publishers across North America, should all provide local deals. Most, however, do not have the internal business processes to properly provide deals themselves. As such, an aggregator strategy would make sense for newspapers. They would be able to provide their audience with very relevant daily deals locally. This would help in having their audience STAY with them, it would increase engagement, page views etc.

Other location based services are also prime benefactors for an aggregator strategy: GPS services like Garmin showing local deals to travelers, car rental companies, airlines, hotels, shopping portals, etc. There are various applications where providing consumers with local offers (from other providers) makes a whole lot of sense.

The aggregator platform in question is profitable, drives millions of page views per month throughout its network and also provides deep data into the deals space and the small business merchants who use daily deals.

For those seriously interested. Please contact us for further information.


    Please provide me with more details regarding the aggregator platform that’s up for sale