Groupon turns 5, gets a redesign…Groupon Quebec ignored yet again

Groupon turns 5, gets a redesign...Groupon Quebec ignored yet again

As part of their 5th birthday, Groupon announced and launched a redesign to their site. This new version is the evolution of Groupon; Maturing into a search based ecommerce portal as opposed to an email based deals promotional service. Since inception, Groupon, and most of the deals industry,  has focused on promoting a “daily deal” design on their front page supported by pushing that deal to consumer’s email inbox. That model certainly worked, upto to a point. Now that model needs to evolve.

As such, Groupon is trying to redesign and redefine itself into an ecommerce destination as opposed to an email deals service. Part of that evolution is getting consumers to interact with the site as if the site was an ecommerce destination. Hence the redesign. Now, consumers who visit Groupon do not only see one specific deal of the day promoted. Instead, they see an inventory of offers to select from, like a store. They also have the ability to search across all of Groupon for a specific term. When consumers think of buying something, be it for the holidays, for mother’s day, etc then Groupon wants them to think about them in the same way that consumers think about other top ecommerce stores. Groupon certainly has both the product inventory and the local service inventory to satisfy the needs and desires of most consumers. This strategy, along with providing merchants with operational 7 marketing tools is the right strategy fro Groupon.

In Canada, other deal providers have already adopted a similar model, most notably Teambuy. In fact, Teambuy has matured to being Canada’s main deals portal, offering an array of selection for consumers to choose from. We have spoken with many other deal providers over the past 18 months about doing the same and fully anticipate others like Wagjag,, Buytopia and others to continue the evolution.


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Now, back to Groupon.

Although their main site,, and all cities within, including cities in Canada (other than Quebec) have adopted the new redesign, we cannot say the same for Groupon Quebec which operates under the url So why has Groupon Quebec not adopted the same format as the rest of Groupon? The answer is both a simple one and a frustrating one. The fact is that Groupon’s Quebec site and operations are run by Groupon France. The tech platform that Groupon Quebec uses is the same platform that Groupon Europe/France uses and not the North American platform. As such, the .com site has the new redesign and not the .ca or European sites.

Issues for Groupon Canada?

1. For Quebec:  Groupon can not leverage their other Canadian initiatives or North American announcements within the Quebec region. Their PR falls flat in Quebec because the message is irrelevant. Consumers visiting don’t see the changes that are all over the news in Canada. This leads to confusion. Quebec consumers who also visit are also confused because Quebec based cities do not exist on Simple improvements can make a big impact.

2. For Canada: If we analyze the type in traffic of consumer we will see that most Canadians type in the .ca extension first before the .com version just to see if there is a Canadian specific service. If consumers in Canada, other than Quebec, type in however, they may think that Groupon doesn’t really exist in Canada. Why? Because the site only lists Quebec based cities and is only used to manage the Quebec operations. The site is NOT integrated with the main site or platform or vice versa. Groupon is working on consolidating its platforms but until that happens Groupon will not be as effective as it could be in Canada. (even though it is doing well, it can be doing twice as well)


The overall redesign of the Groupon site is an initiative that Groupon has been working on for some time and we assume they will roll it out across all their regions. The evolution of Groupon as a shopping destination is a strategy who’s time has come and a strategy that will continue to evolve.


What follows is the original press release from Groupon on their redesign:


Groupon Dresses Up to Celebrate Five Years with New Website, Mobile Apps

New experiences deliver elevated search and personalization for customers

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Groupon today announced a completely redesigned website, as well as updated versions of its popular iPhone, Android and iPad mobile apps, all with new features aimed at making it easier than ever for customers to shop Groupon’s vast selection of local deals.

Groupon has a new website with features aimed at making it easier than ever for customers to shop Gr ... Groupon has a new website with features aimed at making it easier than ever for customers to shop Groupon’s marketplace of deals. (Photo: Business Wire)

“In just five years, Groupon has grown from a daily deal website to a true online marketplace with a tremendous mobile following,” said Groupon CEO Eric Lefkofsky. “Our new site and mobile app makes it easier and more rewarding for customers to check Groupon first when they want to buy just about anything, anytime, anywhere.”

The latest versions of the website and mobile apps make it simple for customers to search and browse Groupon’s tens of thousands of offers to find the exact deal they want, when they want it. In addition to a range of new search, browse, merchandising and location features, the website is now much faster and has a sophisticated new look and feel, with uncluttered presentation and bolder imagery. Together, these create a significantly enhanced shopping experience for the best deals on things to see, eat, do and buy.

Specific highlights of the new website include:

  • Personalized Homepage: Curated collections of deals based on the customer’s interests, previous purchases, purchases by other customers with similar interests, and provide doorways into different areas of Groupon’s massive inventory of deals.
  • Enhanced Search and Browse: A prominently displayed search bar at the top of every page along with type-ahead suggestions allow customers to easily find deals on demand.
  • Cross-Channel Search Results: Search results span all Groupon offers from local deals to places to travel to goods to restaurant reservations and live events for the most interesting and personally relevant deals for each customer.
  • Robust Search Filters: For every search or browse click, the results are displayed along with a set of easy-to-use filters that simultaneously showcase Groupon’s selection of deals and enable customers to drill deeper into specific categories and collections based on their interests.

Groupon’s more personalized shopping experience also extends to its iPhone, Android and iPad apps. The popular Groupon apps have been downloaded by more than 50 million people in 43 countries worldwide.

Highlights of the app updates include:

  • Local Explorer — The Groupon experience now follows customers as they travel, whether a city away or to a different country. The apps now automatically detect when a mobile customer’s location has changed and send a notification when they are in range of Groupon’s local deals. Inside the app, local deals are automatically selected based on the customer’s current location rather than just their home town.
  • Enhanced UX — Like the website, the search bar has been elevated to the top of every screen to provide quick access. The redesigned iPad app also sports a new home page that, like the website’s new home page, presents personalized collections of deals to explore.
  • Deal “Favoriting” iPad customers can now “favorite” deals to save them for quick and easy future reference by selecting the new heart button on the deal pages.
  • Additional Markets — The iPad expansion now includes 12 additional markets: Austria, Chile, Colombia, French Canada, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia and Thailand.

With these faster, easier and more personalized ways for consumers to explore and buy deals, Groupon is kicking off its five-year birthday celebration. The party continues all month with special offers and a brand new Gift Shop on the website and in the iPhone and Android mobile apps. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the Gift Shop features unique collections and gifts from local businesses, Groupon Goods and Groupon Getaways.

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