Hey! Positive news from the Daily Deals industry. Ethical Deal shines, wins award

Hey! Positive news from the Daily Deals industry. Ethical Deal shines, wins award

The media doesn’t really provide much positive attention to the daily deals space. The coupon space, however, gets a good review. Why? Ah, there are many reasons for that…..and certainly beyond the scope of this article. Instead, we will celebrate some good news within the industry from a provider that is not only doing well for themselves, business-wise, but also well for the consumers.Essentially, when the media recognizes the deals community in a positive way ( I think it’s all a matter of expectation) then we should celebrate it.


Enter Ethical Deal

They are one of Canada’s leading, if not only, eco daily deal services. Focusing on promoting products, services and local merchants that offer “green” as their raison’ d’etre. In March, they were rewarded and recognized as BC’s Top Online Marketer by Small Business BC at the 10th annual Successful You Awards

The founder of Ethical Deal, Annalea Krebs, is doing the community a service. She is providing an inexpensive way for consumers to adopt green products, and effective and inexpensive way for manufacturers of green products to get to the customer and a very effective method of marketing for the local and online green merchant to get consumers through the door.

Annalea has also understood that providing niche content to her audience provides a far more qualified customer to the merchants she promotes. Deal services, in my opinion, should provide far more content than at present. Deals certainly attract attention, but pertinent and relevant content keeps the audience engaged.

With the continued growth and adoption by consumers of organic, natural and green products and services across the country, I see several business and growth opportunities for Ethical Deal.

Congrats to Ethical Deal on their recognition and look for us to profile them further on our site.


Here is the original Press Release pertaining to their recognition


Vancouver eco-marketing company wins best online marketer at 10th Annual Small B.C. Business Successful You Awards

VANCOUVER – Only two years past its conception, eco-marketing company ethicalDeal has gone from a personal vision, to make green mainstream, to a reality as the winner of Small Business B.C.’s best online marketer at the 10th annual awards on Thursday, Feb 28th, 2013.

The local company headquartered in Vancouver offers promotions on greener choices ranging from organic skincare to eco cleaners and has boomed across Canada with its integrated marketing approach that leverages social media, content and email marketing to have people discover, try and share the products they promote.

Founding CEO Annalea Krebs said the award is representative of a greater movement for change.

“I am convinced that business has the power to change the world for the better and this award demonstrates that you can profit with purpose,” she said.

The ambitious under-30 Vancouver entrepreneur was one of the youngest up for an award and was excited to be among the 170 businesses in fields diverse as trade, manufacturing and arts.

“This honour was a huge achievement but it is our springboard,” she said.

“We want to be on the international stage. We’ve heard demands from California, Seattle, New York, and while that may seem aggressive now, our goal to make green mainstream requires a radical shift in thinking and we have the model to help people discover that change.”

Media contact:
Annalea Krebs, Chief Ambassador for ethicalDeal
Local: 778.996.9411
Toll-Free: 1.877.803.9182


ethicalDeal is a Vancouver-based online promotions company that runs integrated email marketing and social media campaigns for natural and organic brands across Canada. It adheres to a mission of making green mainstream by offering greener choices for everyday living for up to 70% off. http://ethicaldeal.com/

Small B.C. Business Successful You Awards is a province-wide contest to recognize and celebrate the important contributions of B.C.’s entrepreneurs to their local communities and the wider global economy. Managed by Small Business B.C., the contest is free to enter and open to all new and existing small businesses across B.C. http://www.successfulyou.ca