How many merchants repeat their daily deals?

How many merchants repeat their daily deals?

There are always ongoing concerns pertaining to how often merchants run deals. Are they repeat customers, are deal campaigns working for them, are they one and done? Well, let’s go to the data and find out.

Here we show a recent and interesting stat concerning how many times a merchant repeats their daily deal offer. The data goes back 18 months in order to view a pattern.

Seems like merchants are far more comfortable repeating their offers. In fact, there are more merchants repeating offers 3 times or more than there are offering a deal for the first time.


returning merchants












Now, as interesting as this slide is, the next one is even more so. It shows the share of revenues (billings) between a new offer and a repeat offer. Looks like both merchants and Daily Deal providers are generating almost as much revenue from running a 5th offer as they are running the first.













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