Huge Deal, Huge Sale by

DealFind had a fabulous sales weekend! To say the least. They shattered their own record for the largest Daily Deal in Canadian history.

Here was the deal:
$55 for $175 Worth of Organic and Naturally Raised Meats from The Butchers

Total Sales: 11,504 vouchers = $632, 720!

This is probably the largest take for a Daily Deal in Canada. We have not seen others of this magnitude.

Not even Groupon or Living Social have come close to this. Kudos to DealFind and The Butchers. We hope that the merchant can handle all those voucher redemptions.

Dealfind also had a huge deal back in November 2010, with the following deal:

$39 for $80 Worth of Fresh Lobsters, Seafood, Drinks & More at The Lobster Trap Restaurant

They sold 6892 vouchers for a total sales volume of $268,788. From our research, that is the second highest total reached in Canada. In comparison, Groupon’s famous GAP deal resulted in sales of $224, 100, given them 3rd place.

Dealfind has grown quickly and quietly. In fact, they have already expanded in the US with presence in 5 US cities and more to come. This would make Dealfind the most successful Daily Deal/Group Buying service that has expanded out of Canada. The only major city in Canada that they are not in is, as is typical in the industry, Montreal. We look forward to their presence in that city as well.

Congrats to DealFind once again. It is a proud Canadian story.

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