I hate Daily Deal Technology…no, I love it, really!

So what are your options for launching a Daily Deal service, technology wise?

Do you build your own, get a “guy” to build it for you, buy another failing daily deal site. Seeing that this business is less about technology and all about sales & marketing, we highly recommend that you do not spend an exhaustive amount of time on the technology issue. Today, there are numerous options, but really only one makes sense for most companies. The goal is to launch quickly and get your deals up and build your list of consumers. Making the wrong technology choice will, well, completely destroy your project time frame.

Let’s have a look at options, some more dubious than others.

Option 1. Building it and they will come.
Build your daily deal site and back end yourself:  Are you crazy?! That’s like building a shopping cart or ecommerce module yourself for a simple transaction website. There is no longer any reason to invest in this kind of development unless you can afford the investment, have a good development team and are prepared to support and upgrade the development of the products for years to come.If you have a small team or are a couple of people then this option will be a nightmare. Move on.


Option 2: I know a “Guy” or Script “Magic”
Buying an inexpensive ($100-$1000)  script found online either built buy a “guy” or a small team overseas. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT buy a  Daily Deal/Group Buying script from some “guy” or some company in India, China, Eastern Europe or even locally. Scripts are pretty much Beta products, and that is a generous statement. Most are Alpha. (full of bugs). Besides, scripts are very limited in terms of your specific needs. We have seen and evaluated scripts for $100 and others for $1000. None of them have the full set of features that are required to make using the technology a breeze. what happens when you need extra features, when you want better social network integration, when you want better mobile features. All these will cost you dearly, in both time, costs and headaches. You must still figure out and incur hosting and server costs and oh, btw, what happens when that “guy” is no longer reachable, or disappears or can no longer support the script they built. Translation, this is worse than option 1. Recommendation: no matter how cheap it may be or how tempting…move on, there are other options.

For the thousands of entrepreneurs who have already purchased a script, or for those determining whether to buy one, MOVE ON, there are better, less frustrating options. We know, we have researched these scripts and have pulled out our own hair and those of our clients trying to ensure that they satisfy industry needs. The majority DO NOT.

Contact us and we’ll show you the path of least resistance. A path that is far less stressful and full of hope.


Option 3:  Daily Deal platforms.
To put it in terms that most people understand: think Salesforce.com but for a Group Buying application. These companies have built world class software applications, focus on required features, upgrade their technology constantly and host the application. They are SaaS platforms for Daily Deal sites and already have hundreds of Daily Deal sites running on their platforms including large newspaper, magazine, media and publishers. This is software not from a “guy” but rather from a professional development company that focuses on building and supporting Daily Deal software. This is our preferred option for anyone or any company wanting to launch a daily deal service. You no longer have to worry about building your Daily Deal site or administrative back end yourself. This is a huge advantage. Your focus should be on Sales, marketing and operations. However, you still have to select the right platform for needs. These Daily Deal/Group buying platforms pretty much remove the major technology costs and enable the launching of such services far more easily than ever before. Some are better than others, some have features that you need, some have features you do not need.

For a break down of Daily Deal/Group Buying platforms, to discuss the pros and cons and to help determine which is bets for your needs, please take a look here and reach out to us.