Introducing Canada’s National Deals & Coupons Month

Introducing Canada's National Deals & Coupons Month

Consumer’s thirst for Deals & Coupons in Canada continues to grow. The demand has never been of concern in this country. Rather it is the supply of deals & coupons that is lacking.

Over the course of the past 18 months, however, there has been a significant increase in availability of deals & coupons in Canada and that has caused even more consumer interest. American couponing giants such as eBates and Retailmenot are now thriving in Canada, Flyer deals have finally come into the modern age with the help of companies like Wishabi, Flyerflo, Redflagdeals, Reebee, etc, Grocery couponing is continuing its growth in digital couponing with Checkout51, Snapsaves, Salewhale, Websaver, Smartsource and and Voucher Deal companies like Groupon, Teambuy among others continue to expand throughout Canada. More and more retailers are also leveraging the marketing power of deals and coupons; be it through affiliate marketing couponing programs, or Voucher Deals or mobile location based offers or other means.

Now, despite all this action, there is still a need for more supply of deals and coupons in Canada in order to meet consumer demand. Whatever we can do to help as an association, we will.

We are, therefore, very excited to propose the following industry wide initiative in order to further fuel the Deals and Coupon craze in Canada and in order to help provide even more deals and coupon supply to consumers:


Canada’s National Deals & Coupons Month

Every category of deals, coupons, offers, discounts, and sales will be promoted; restaurant deals, grocery coupons, retail items, technology deals/coupons, coupons for kids and family retailers, travel deals and offers, mobile coupons.

Why is this being created?

Well, it will generate further retail interest and drive further consumer purchases in Canada for the designated month at those retailers and deal & coupon providers that participate.

It’s potential

This initiative has the potential to become a major sales initiative in Canadian Retail. There are 4 MAJOR consumer sale/promotional initiatives in Canada every year:

  1. August/September: Back to School
  2. November: Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  3. December: Holiday sales
  4. December: Boxing week

Although there are other holidays during the year that drive sales, notably Valentines, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Halloween, the first half of the year is void of major promotional or incentive based (deals and discounts) initiatives.

Over time, a National Deals & Coupons Month in Canada has the potential to become one of the largest promotional sales events in Canada amongst those listed above.

When will it be?


The first half of the year is void of major promotional initiatives in Canada.  As such, we propose that the Month of May be designated Canada’s National Deals & Coupons Month.

May is between the “after the holidays new year debt crunch” and the Back to School season. May also includes Mother’s day and thus, a perfect tie in to associated exposure and promotions throughout the Deals & Coupons ecosystem. May is also a time of the year where the weather starts to get warmer across the country and, therefore, summer promotions start and spring clearance items can be promoted.

We are letting the whole industry know about it now so we can build towards optimal awareness for consumers starting in March.
Retailers should ready their marketing campaigns, Deal & Coupon providers should ready their creative pieces (banner ads, offers), Bloggers should ready their articles, media should ready their consumer awareness.

Consumer Exposure

An initiative such as this will generate a tremendous amount of exposure in April leading into May and all during the month of May from the media, Bloggers, Retailers, the deals & coupons community and from Consumers sharing through social media services.

Our ultimate goal at the CDCA is to drive as much consumer exposure towards the Retailers who supply the offers for May and the Deal & Coupon providers who promote the offers.

Next Steps

We are presently working with some of the leading Deal & Coupon providers in the country in order to coordinate efforts to bring National Deals & Coupon Month to Canada for the month of May.We will be announcing some of the leading Deal & Coupon providers and Retailers that are supporting this initiative throughout the month of March and April.

Although there will certainly be some who sponsor the initiative, participation is ABSOLUTELY FREE. So anyone and everyone can promote anything to their customer base and tie in the fact that May is Canada’s National Deals & Coupon Month. We will also provide the industry with logos, website, creative, banners, advertisements, press releases and the like that can be used and leveraged if they choose to do so.

We are presently planning some marketing initiatives around this campaign (media coverage, consumer outreach, etc). If you would like to participate please contact us.

Retailers, Deal & Coupon providers, Deal & Coupon aggregators, Deal & coupon blogs, Affiliate Marketing Agencies representing retailer, etc are all encouraged to provide awareness of Canada’s National Deals & Coupons Month to consumers. After all, this initiative benefits consumers the most. The more excitement we all collectively provide as an industry, the more consumers will benefit.

We look forward to your comments…if you’d like more information on Canada’s National Deals & Coupon Month, please reach out.