Is Rogers ready?

I admit that I have been fanning the flame that is Rogers’ decision on when they will launch their Daily Deal site.

Why should we care? We believe Rogers will be one of the dominant leaders in the Daily Deal space. As such, the market is interested, at least I am, in what they have decided and when they will launch.

What we can say is that Rogers met with some Daily Deal white label platforms last week. Even if they made a decision today on the platform they will go with, it will still take them from 2-3 months to launch. That puts us in the fall of 2011. just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Can they launch sooner? Certainly, but I highly doubt it. They are too big, they have too many teams to coordinate and too many fantastic opportunities and traffic assets to leverage for them to launch sooner. I am sure that Rogers wishes to get it right and will therefore take their time to ensure success. Their main competition across the country will be Groupon, Wagjag, Dealfind and Living Social. However, there are regional players that are quite strong: Tuango for Montreal and Social Shopper for Vancouver.

Looking forward to it.


    Yes, Rogers should be one of the leading services in North America if they can get all their assets and revenue lines to participate and market the heck out of this.


      Good point Wayne. Rogers is a huge company with many divisions. I agree that if they can assemble a team that works well with all their division, then they can really marketing their upcoming service to millions of Canadians rather effectively.
      Think Wireless division, publishing, websites, cable, etc


    Jason, I agree with you. I also believe that Dealoftheday and their counter part in Montreal Promodujour should be dominating the country. I believe the Yellow pages have not leveraged their assets as best they can in order to do this though. They have relationships with hundreds of thousands of merchants and have millions of audience members on all their sites across the country. Yet they are not one of the leading sites across the country. They do well, but not as well as some others. I and our staff have full respect, appreciation and utmost confidence in the yellow pages and their team. We believe that over time they will be one of the juggernauts across the country. Thanks for the post.