Kijiji Deals calls it quits!

Kijiji Deals calls it quits!

Last week came a notice that Kijiji would stop its Daily Deal service in Canada. A service that uses the Teamsave platform. This is not a surprise and has been a long time coming. what does surprise me is that Kijiji did not bother to sell their database to a larger deals provider. Perhaps they did but others were not interested. Kijiji deals is the first high profile name in the Deals business in Canada to move on in 2013.

I would like to reiterate that the Daily Deals business is a hard one. It is an expensive proposition that requires effective use of a large email database, a solid inventory of merchant suppliers, a productive operational team and healthy bank account. Even with very large audiences such as those that Kijiji could obtain, operating a successful deals site is not guaranteed. All those bloggers, journalists and business folks who continue to state that it is easy to get in and operate a daily deal business obviously do not know of what they speak. It is certainly easy to put up a web site…for ANY online ecommerce site. The hard part, in most businesses, is getting and keeping customers.

The following is an excerpt sent by Kijiji Deals last week:

We are writing you today to provide an update on Daily Deals, and to let you know that this is no longer an active feature being offered by Kijiji Canada.

As you may be aware, Daily Deals was operated as a joint service between Kijiji Canada and a partner known as TeamSave.  Over the last year, we’ve seen a significant number of member inquiries and a slowdown in the popularity of Daily Deals, which prompted us to reexamine how we offer this service. 

The discontinuance of Daily Deals and wind down of that feature follows significant analysis. This change was taken to ensure that we focus our commitments on features that offer superior ongoing Kijiji experiences.

Kijiji Canada




    Everyone should also know that some of the Vendors (Manufacturers/Suppliers) were not paid. Emails were sent out to vendors to continue honouring the vouchers and that wire transfer will be made by May 1st. from head office for all the outstanding balances. Wire transfer was never made. Many vendors will start refusing vouchers because vendors are also victim in this shut down as well. Customers can call their Credit Card company to have their money refunded if this happens to them.


      I called my credit card company. They are issuing my a refund 🙂


    Here is what I am experiencing.
    I have a credit that Kijiji Deals provided to me from a previous deal that I bought that was no longer available. How do I get my money back? Can I use it through TeamSave? Who do I contact? Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?


      I have the same issue, but no idea how to rectify it. Probably money lost, I’d say. Ugh 🙁


    I have vouchers that I paid for and did not print off, that I can not access. How can they do this? I just want to print them. Anyone else?


    Erika, I too have the same issue. I hope someone can provide an answer, considering they didn’t bother to notify us so we could use our credit on something.


    I had paid for an item via paypal…I enquired to Team Save after a while and was told by Team Save support that my item was sent April 1 2013…the message said to wait 4 to 6 weeks… I have never received the item. I contacted PayPal and they told me that complaints need to be submitted within 45 days of purchase. So I’m out of luck. Kijiji (sponsor)will never get any business from me and I will let all that ask me about this that Kijiji is not very reputable..

  6. Erika, I am in the same boat. $27 was charged to my cc, I just went in to get the magazine and all is shut down with no phone contact. How is Kijiji allowed to keep operating while they have monies from a branch company?


    I ordered 2 pair of earrings and paid for two, but received only one. Rip off. Now what? I guess I paid twice the price and they are of very poor quality. One was broken when I received it and I had to repair it with Krazy glue.
    I was not aware that they had shut down.