Larger brands coming to a Daily Deal near you

As the holiday season approaches, more and more larger retail brands are becoming comfortable in promoting themselves through Daily Deal promotions. It makes sense. The holiday season is filled with expectations by consumers that retailers will provide deals. As such, larger brands are not as concerned with diluting their image if they run a daily deal campaign during the holiday season. Some retailers have extra inventory they need to get rid of, some wish to provide further motivation for consumers to visit and shop with them before the jolly season. Whatever the reason, it is a fact that most retailers profit the most during the period of mid November to end of December. The more consumers visit their store, online or in-store, the higher the chance that these consumers will do more holiday shopping there. This is a strong incentive for larger retailers to run a daily deal promotion during this holiday season

Tim Hortons:

Yes, Tim Hortons. Gaggleup will be running a Tim Hortons deal on their site as of Tuesday November 22. This should garner attention. Gaggleup, as previously written, has a strategic partnership with Canadian Tire. This partnership opens doors that would otherwise be closed to most deal sites. Look for Gaggleup to promote further larger brands as they get deeper into their partnership with Canadian Tire.