Launching Local Commerce Canada

Launching Local Commerce Canada


Local merchants are the life blood of our economy. Their main concern has always been on finding and attracting local customers. Marketing and customer acquisition has gone through a metamorphosis for these local merchants and retailers over the past decade. Online, Social and Mobile developments have fundamentally changed the way consumers discover and interact with local merchants/retailers. Those merchants that adapt and adopt new technologies and services to reach and transact with these consumers will grow. Those that don’t, will have a difficult time competing.

As such, a new breed of technologies and services has emerged over the years and at present to help local merchants find and transact with local consumers through online and mobile methods. Such services as Deal Commerce are very familiar to us all in the deals sector. Deal providers help drive commerce transactions before the consumer even visits the merchant online or offline. That is the essence of Local Commerce. However, there are many other technologies and services available to local merchants that do not fall under the category of deals.

The growth in these location based services and in Local Commerce has motivated us to launch what is called “LOCAL COMMERCE CANADA“. The market is a lot larger than most people realize and there are tremendous growth and M&A opportunities within.

Much like the Canadian Deals Association, Local Commerce Canada is an organization that will focus on being the main resource for the Local Commerce industry in Canada. Deal Commerce being a big part of it as well (deals aren’t going anywhere).

If we were to define Local Commerce, we would use the following definition: Local Commerce: The use of any online or mobile tool, technology or service that local merchants (especially those selling services) use to help attract and then sell (transact) to a local customer.

For a more indepth look at Local Commerce, please read our article on Local Commerce

Please go ahead and visit the Local Commerce Canada site and join in the conversation.

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