Launching the Canadian Deals Association membership

Launching the Canadian Deals Association membership

The Deals industry around the world, not just in Canada, has gone through and still going through a renaissance of sorts. “Deals, coupons or promotional offers” as a marketing tool for retailers and as a business model for deal providers continues to be very popular.

Businesses focused on providing Coupons, Local offers, Daily Deals, Mobile deals, Savings cards, Flash Sales, Credit card offers, Online deals and other “deal” types are trying to quench the voracious thirst that consumers have for deal hunting and deal buying. Canadians love deals. That is a fact that has no signs of going away.

We love promoting the Canadian deals industry and Canadian entrepreneurship and created the Canadian Deals Association based on the feedback and support of many in the industry. The CDA’s sole purpose it is to be an organizational, a community and growth point for the entire deals industry in Canada. Given the industry’s size and continued growth, an organization like the Canadian Deals Association was very much needed, very much wanted and very much apropos.

As such, we have made it possible for those within the industry, be they deal providers, service providers, technology companies or retailers, to participate and leverage the services of the Canadian Deals Association. We are officially launching our membership program.

This program enables members to have a myriad of benefits as official members of the association. Show off the “members” badge on your site so others in the industry, especially consumers, are more comfortable in dealing with a provider that is part of an industry association.

The overall deals and coupon industry in Canada encompasses many different aspects, many different types of deal providers; all of which have their own industry nuances, challenges, stories, opportunities and objectives.

Local offers, coupons, flash sales, savings cards, coupon books, mobile deals, credit card offers and other “deal” categories. Now each can showcase to consumers and the industry as a whole that they are officially a trusted member and part of Canada’s only deals association.

Contact us to discuss your participation as an official members of the Canadian Deals Association.