Leading in Local BIA KELSEY conference

Leading in Local BIA KELSEY conference

We are continuing to associate ourselves with leading conferences and events in North America that have Deal Marketing as a topic of conversation. Last week we attended the DX3 Canada event in Toronto as an Association partner and had wonderfully effective meetings and conversations. Next week we are, once again, Association partners with BIA KELSEY’s Leading In Local conference in Boston. This event not only showcases the success of companies focusing on LOCAL strategy but also highlights innovation that is transforming local media. The event features leaders such as Google, Foursquare, Dex One, AOL/Patch.com, Cars.com, AutoTrader, Hearst Newspapers, LivingSocial, NPR, Gatehouse Ventures, etc.

How does Canada participate in such an event?

Well, given that there isn’t an event in Canada exclusively focused on Local and the fact that American tech companies, media, consultants and service providers all launch and execute LOCAL based services far more frequently and faster than the Canadian sector does, it seems that participating in one of the Local  industry’s main events would be a good idea. There are many services and strategies launched in Canada due to conversations, presentations and strategies first had in the USA.

BIA KELSEY has been kind enough to extend a $200 discount to our own audience. The code is CDA200. Please use it during checkout.

There are several presentation we are looking forward to seeing, but the following are true highlights for us, especially for Canada.

Local Commerce: The Shift to Offers, Loyalty, CRM and Analytics , the rise of the deals space four years ago showed a new “non-advertising” model for generating new local customers and boosting business. The space has since evolved in critical new directions, going beyond new customer acquisition to add in loyalty, customer analytics and merchant services. The session will provide indepth discussions with key industry leaders. BTW,Card linking is a big thing in the USA and essentially non existent in Canada due to industry factors. This needs to change.

Valuation & Funding in Local Digital Media , Knowing the value of a digital media company is key for owners that are pursuing funding, a sale or strategic partnership. Investors must be able to accurately value a potential target. BIA/Kelsey valuation experts will discuss valuation and funding case studies, and provide M&A insights.

Hope to see you there, and remember to use the code CDA200 for your $200 rebate.