Learning from other Deal Cities…

Learning from other Deal Cities...

As interesting as the deals scene is in Canada is, living and breathing Canadian only deals makes us, quite frankly, uninformed of the possibilities within this industry elsewhere.

Example; over the past week I have been in Miami on both business and pleasure. Upon evaluation of the deals scene here, something becomes very clear.
· There are dozens and dozens of content providers and bloggers revolving around deals. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal hardly have any. Sure there are a few key ones but nothing compared to any main city in the USA.
· There are a tremendous amount of deals dedicated to activities. Especially activities that are not of the every day nature. Of course, given that it is Miami, there are plenty of tourist based deals and family deals. However, based on my conversations with local merchants and deal providers, a large percentage of consumers who buy these deals are locals and not tourists…go figure.

Takeaways points:
· If Deal providers want more consumers to consume their deals, then influence more content providers and bloggers to talk about deals in your city. Simply giving an affiliate commission is not enough. There are more creative ideas to convince others to get more content and online to their audience. Discuss internally and make it happen.
· Publish more deals on activities. Especially activities that people like doing once and a awhile but may not be thinking about because they are too expensive, too time consuming, too far, etc. People like getting deals, no doubt, but deals on activities helps them get out more often, have more fun, explore their city, have fun with the family, etc. I am not talking about Gym, Yoga, or dancing deals..there are too many of those already. Publish other activities that are unusual, creative, active, physical, etc.
· Also, deals for families are especially popular. For one, there aren’t many of them in Canada, and two, activities for kids and families are just too expensive for families. Believe me, parents appreciate the cost savings in order to get their kids out to an activity. If parents don’t see affordable activities, then OFF TO THE SHOPPING CENTER it is with the kids… and that’s never any fun.
· Short destination activities dedicated to both locals and tourists are popular. Especially those that can be reached easily. As an example, take the 4 cities of Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal. There are tremendous amounts of travel activities close to each of these cities. And NO, I am not talking about hotel stays. Vancouver is the luckiest…they have many more months out of the year to rent boats, kayak tours, Banff, water activities, etc. Toronto, given its population and shear amount of merchants, has enormous amounts of travel destinations and possibilities. Be it wine destinations, Niagra, lake activities, or other weekend getaway places. Montreal, of course has the Laurentian Mountains area, Tremblant, the Eastern Townships and activities around the whole island of Montreal and Laval.

Regardless the city, the deal providers in Canada can certainly publish far more activity based deals than at the present. Consumers will appreciate that..and so will merchants who are looking for new and more consumers.

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