Linkshare Symposium in Toronto on eCommerce, Performance Marketing and Deals & Coupons in Canada

Linkshare Symposium in Toronto on eCommerce, Performance Marketing and Deals & Coupons in Canada

Linkshare, one of the leading performance marketing platforms in the world, will be having their annual Symposium in Toronto on October 16th. I have been invited as a speaker and will be presenting an overview of the Canadian Deals & Couponing industry, it’s growth and opportunities in Canada.I will also be presenting a few new data points within the industry.

Linkshare’s Marketing Symposium is an opportunity for those within the performance marketing and affiliate ecommerce industries to network amongst themselves and to interact with Linkshare’s Canadian team. With sponsors like Airmilesshops,,, Macy’s Canada and kobo, Dell and Bargainmoose, it should be an interesting event.  Click here to view the event agenda.

So what does performance marketing, affiliate marketing and the deals & coupons sector have to do with each other? Plenty!

There are several parts of the Deals & Coupons ecosystem that integrates with the affiliate marketing world.

  • As eCommerce continues to grow in Canada, so too will Deal & Coupon marketing by online retailers. Deal & Coupon marketing is an inexpensive and rather effective method of attracting consumers and as more ecommerce stores use these types of marketing methods, they will need a robust affiliate marketing platform to leverage; ie Linkshare.
  • Deal and Coupon providers looking to expand their distribution and bring on marketing partners for the deals they promote also require a robust affiliate marketing platform to leverage: ie Linkshare
  • Sites, blogs, portals and other online or email destinations that promote Deals & Coupons (aggregators) typically receive deal & coupon feeds from an affiliate network that provides deal/coupon inventory and commission tracking/payments; ie Linkshare

As such, Deal & Coupon Marketing is a big part of the Affiliate Marketing industry and we are appreciative that Linkshare and the Canadian Deals & Coupons Association can collaborate during this upcoming event.

I hope to see you there, …you can register directly on the Linkshare Symposium site.

My best and see you next week in Toronto….


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  1. Hi Albert!

    It was a really great keynote speech from yourself, very interesting and well-presented, and you’ve got great knowledge about the industry 🙂

    – Anna