Media and the Deals space

Over the next few months, I will be either attending, participating or speaking at conferences in Canada focused on new media, digital, internet marketing, etc. Regardless of the focus of these conferences, there seems to be a natural gravitation towards the discussion of local commerce and daily deals. The fact is that local commerce and daily deals have penetrated the media, digital and publisher space across the country. In the USA, there are numerous conferences either dedicated to the deals space or where the deals space is a focus. It is now time for the Canadian conference industry to step up and put “deals” and local commerce on the agenda. There are over 140 deal sites in Canada, more and more media companies are entering the industry here and sales in Canada derived from Daily Deals will surpass the $300 million mark this year. It is time to discuss this sector with our industry peers far more than we have.

Most top media companies, publishers and/or mobile local commerce services have a deals strategy or have discussed whether to have a deals strategy. The following all have deals as part of their offering:

* Torstar
* Post Media
* Glacier Media
* Gesca
* Yellow Media
* Sun Media/Quebecor
* Transcontinental Media
* Poynt
* And by this week, Rogers Media..

This is why I will be attending  the NextMedia conference happening in Toronto next week (Dec 5th and Dec6th). GroupBuyingCanada is an official Media Partner to the event and as they put it on their site,”this is the country’s main  C-level conference for media professionals and technologists working in the digital space.”

I will be attending to meet various media and publisher executives wanting to chat about the deals space in Canada. We will also do our best to highlight for our own audience those companies at the event that should be or will be playing in the deals industry going forward.

As a Media Partner for this event, the team at NextMedia have graciously extended a 20% reduction in registration for the GroupBuyingCanada audience. Please use this link to ensure your rebate.

Rogers Media will be there, Transcontinental, Shaw Media, Post Media, Corus, Astral Media, Bell Sympatico, and numerous ad or marketing agencies. I am looking forward to speaking with some of them.

If any of our readers would like to meet up with me personally while I am in Toronto, please contact me by commenting to this post or email me for those that know my email. I will be there from the 5th to the 8th. See you there.