Mesh Conference and the Web, Digital Industry in Canada

Mesh Conference and the Web, Digital Industry in Canada

We often associate ourselves and become marketing partners with some of the industry’s more relevant trade shows and conferences. Part of the reason is to certainly expand the message and the brand of the Canadian Deals Industry to a larger audience. The other reason is that these conferences have content and networking opportunities that are valuable and should be consumed by our audience.

Case in point, the Mesh Conference in Canada. This year it is being held in Toronto on May 15th and 16th at the Allstream Center. For those of you not familiar with the Mesh Conference, it is a two-day event that explores the evolution of the web, the emergence of new trends, and what’s over the digital horizon. It is a conference that focuses on discussion and insight and there are more opportunities to network that at most other conferences we have been to in Canada. Of key importance to our industry (the local commerce and deals industry) are speakers from Visa, Mailchimp and Paypal, as well as, other marketing companies who work with some of the leading players in our industry.

Until there is an official Local Commerce and Deals conference in Canada (we’re work’in on it! :) ), we will continue to partner and support some of the leading thought leaders in the digital community and the folks who put on the Mesh conference (Mark Evans, Rob Hyndman, Mathew Ingram, Stuart Macdonald, Mike McDerment, and Sheri Moore) have certainly shown Canada of the quality they can deliver over the years.

For those in the Toronto area over the next few days, we encourage you to check out the Mesh Conference and get back to us with your feedback.


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