Message from the President

Message from the President

The Deals and Coupons industry around the world, not just in Canada, has gone through and is still going through a renaissance of sorts. “Deals” and Coupons or promotional offers as a marketing campaign for retailers and as a business model for deal providers are more popular than ever.

Businesses focused on providing Coupons, Daily Deals, Mobile deals, Savings cards, Flash Sales, Online deals and other “deal” types are trying to quench the voracious thirst that consumers have for deal hunting and deal buying. Canadians love deals. That is a fact.

We love promoting the Canadian deals and coupon industry and Canadian entrepreneurship. In order to do our part in this dynamic industry, we  decided to launch the Canadian Deals & Coupons Association; a organization who’s sole purpose it is to be an organizational, a community and growth point for the entire deals and coupons industry in Canada. Given the industry’s size and continued growth, an organization like the Canadian Deals & Coupons Association was very much needed, very much wanted and very much apropos.

The overall deals and coupon industry in Canada encompasses many different aspects, many different types of providers; all of which have their own industry nuances, challenges, stories, opportunities and objectives. The local offers and daily deals industry, for instance, requires a solid dose of positive and sustainable PR. The couponing industry in Canada is in serious need of data and research, among other challenges. Then there’s the flash sales industry, savings cards, coupon books, mobile deals, credit card offers and other “deal” categories. All of which have their own membership, their own audience and their own processes. Organizing all of these needs and opportunities is not trivial. It will take cooperation, support and perseverance, not only from our team but from others across the industry.

Despite all this, I look forward to meeting the challenges of this industry with the help of industry insiders and experts across the country. Little by little, step by step, we will meet and surpass the objectives we will set for this industry.

The overall sector in Canada is a heck of a lot larger than most people realize. It’s growth and importance in the overall Canadian Retail Industry is undeniable and is fostering a sense of excitement throughout the sector. This industry in this country does not get the credit or respect it deserves;

    1. the industry creates a sizable amount of jobs,
    2. the industry generates a healthy amount of entrepreneurial investment in Canada,
    3. the industry impacts billions of dollars in retail sales
    4. the industry delivers a very successful set of leading startup companies

All these points are impressive and should be applauded a lot more than the industry, the media or the government presently does.

What is our main objective at the CDCA? To help grow the overall industry in Canada and help our members thrive within it.

My best, we very much look forward to engaging.

Albert S. Bitton
Canadian Deals & Coupons Association

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