Most Popular, most visited Deal & Coupon Providers in Canada according to Alexa Ranking

Most Popular, most visited Deal & Coupon Providers in Canada according to Alexa Ranking

Although we normally do not put much guidance into rankings from Alexa, they are, nevertheless, a barometer of popularity. I repeat, popularity. NOT success, or conversions, or revenue or profits. A true measure of popularity would take many factors into consideration such as site audience, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Twitter conversations, Comscore, Klout score and several other factors. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll stick with Alexa ranking in Canada.

So here we go. The following are the most popular deal providers in Canada based on Alexa Ranking. Going forward, we will keep track of these Alexa scores, chart them and publish them on our site on an ongoing basis.

**UPDATE: By Deal Providers we mean any company where their purpose is to get deals to consumers. Every one of the companies on this ranking and every company listing in the Canadian Deals Ecosystem provides deals, coupons, cashback, rebates or offers to consumers of some kind as their key feature.


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  1. Your post doesn’t really make much sense to be honest, you’re grouping 3 different types of business in the above post.
    1. Daily deals providers (Like Groupon)
    2. Deal “finding” type sites (Like us)
    3. Normal retailers (Like Beyond the Rack – nothing to do with “daily deals” whatsoever)

    • Hi Bargainmoose…thanks for your comment. Actually here is why it makes sense. Although you are correct in that there are several categories of businesses, there is one common aspect amongst them all….and that is they exist to supply deals of some kind to consumers. All of them. The post was about deal providers and NOT just daily deal providers. Sure Beyond the Rack is an ecommerce company, but they are a business based on providing deals, discounts to consumers. Probably not in their future, but for now, their premise is attracting consumers through deals. We also listed Flyer companies on the list. Why? Simple. Because they distribute and find deals for consumers, much like other deals aggregators do.

      One of the goals for the association is to get the industry, media and analysts looking at the entire deals industry and not just one aspect of it. The industry as a whole impacts consumerism and retail sales far more than people realize. As such, putting together not only this association but also the Canadian Deals Ecosystem slide released last week is a way to have the industry focus on the whole “deals & coupons” industry and all is varies providers and not simply on a subset of it.

      Btw, we went ahead and made some changes to the title, post and ranking. Hopefully this makes more sense. Happy to discuss further if you like. Many thanks for the comment