nCrowd acquires another Deal Provider in Canada, Dealathons

nCrowd acquires another Deal Provider in Canada, Dealathons

After their well publicized acquisition of Teambuy/Dealfind a couple of months back, nCrowd continues their way of growth through acquisition by having just acquired Dealathons.

This was a good acquisition for nCrowd given that Dealathons had about 350,000 subscribers in their database and many were not duplicate subscribers from their purchase of Teambuy/Dealfind. This is also a good sell for Dealathons because their subscribers will now benefits from a vast array of offers through nCrowd. Dealathons will also see their business grow far more within nCrowd than they could have grown on their own.

nCrowd continues to be aggressive with their promotions in Canada to lure customers to buy and merchants to leverage the nCrowd Marketing service.

Will nCrowd continue their acquisition model? Yes!

Are their other targets in Canada that they might be interested in? Yes.

Will nCrowd focus more on product offers over local offers? No idea, time and margins will tell.