New Daily Deal sites Launched


There are dozens of Daily Deal sites that are launching every month. In Canada, there are now over 115 Daily Deal sites and over 50 aggregators (crazy!). Although we will not mention every single one, at times, there are some that catch our attention. Perhaps they are owned by interesting people, perhaps they are marketing in a unique way, perhaps they have such a huge audience that it needs to be mentioned (Rogers!!!!! Hurry, make a decision and launch. Call us if you would like any guidance, our pleasure to do so!!!!!)

Here are two that recently launched that we would like to highlight:

Interesting name! Gaggle up seems like any other Daily Deal site trying to make a name for itself. It has been in development mode for some time and finally launched in the third week of May. We are keeping an eye on this one for the following reason:

It’s founder is Mark Skapinker. He is the managing partner at Brightspark, a Canadian VC, and has a long list of leadership roles spanning his career. So in terms of well funded and capable executives at the helm, we’d give Gaggle up a thumbs up.

DealMango is a Daily Deal site from Montreal that was also launched during the 3rd week of May. We are keeping an eye on them as well for the following reasons:

1. It’s founder is Robert Gervais, president of ZeroFail, a Canadian IT infrastructure company. We know both ZeroFail (love that name) and know of Robert through our work building partnering relationships with Microsoft. In terms of capable executives at the helm, we also give Dealmango a thumbs up.

2. They have marketing money to invest. Or so it would seem based on their launch activities. Let us explain.

-Most Daily Deal or any other site typically run contests in order to attract user. They give away the usual suspects.. ipad, iphones, etc. Seem that anything from Apple is to be part of a giveaway. So did Dealmango follow the crowrd and give away an ipad? Nope, they actually launched with an incredible set of contests, first prize being a healthy $25,000 amount. Now THAT’s a contest giveaway! Their second and third prizes were just as impressive compared to other contests out there.

3. They know how to work the PR machine. On the day of their splash page launch in early May, they were written about in the press by not one, or two media publication, rather they were written about by several publications all at the same time, all on the same day all in Montreal. In fact, I was actually interviewed by a couple of these media sources specifically to comment on the launch of Dealmango.  Most Daily Deal site either simply launch without much fan fair or try and drum up interest through free online sources. Dealmango went out and hired a real PR firm to execute…and it worked.

4. They have players from the #1 brand in Montreal behind them. That’s right, a couple of players from Montreal Canadiens are working with Dealmango. It is unclear at this time whether they own a piece of the company or if their participation was paid for. Nevertheless, having Michael Cammalleri and Mathieu Darche as part of your spokeperson team certainly helps create BUZZ in a city that is hockey crazy. So two more thumbs up for Deal Mango for this move.


If you are aware of others sites that have recently launched and have an interesting background, then please let us know.

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