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We get to read about and talk to many technology companies within the Daily Deal space. We are lucky enough to speak with interesting individuals who are as passionate about this space as we are. So when we come across services or technologies that we find provide innovation in this space, then we are compelled to share it.

Two Canadian based technology companies have partnered up in order to provide what I would call “real time social commerce” within the daily deal space. The outcome is rather cool. Let me explain:

Company #1: One Big Planet

OneBigPlanet has been around since 2003, perfecting online promo/coupon marketing and affiliate tracking. They most recently expanded their role in the industry by launching a Daily Deal white label aggregator service…on steroids. Essentially, if you wish to launch a daily deal aggregator service, then you no longer need to develop it on your own or buy some god awful script from an overseas company and you no longer have to manage the affiliate programs all by yourself. Instead, simply use the OneBigPlanet platform and the numerous set of publishing tools they offer to launch and manage an aggregator service with ease. I believe OneBigPlanet is the only white label aggregator service of its size presently available. If there are others as large, let us know. More and more top publishers across North America are opting to promote all deals to their audience as opposed to just their own daily deal service. We anticipate OneBigPlanet to be a strong player and leader in this industry going forward.

Company #2: Needium

Description taken from their web site and press releases; “Needium is a real-time lead generation service that monitors social media and filters it to identify local business opportunities based on consumers’ expressed explicit and implicit needs. Opportunities are replied to by a Needium community manager, transforming conversations into increased brand awareness, loyalty and sales.” In other words, Needium monitors conversations on Twitter or facebook and responds back to the originator with relevant offers based on what that person was “talking” about. Perhaps they were talking about wanting to go fishing this weekend. Great! Needium would catch that conversation and send them information on, say, a fishing outfitter near their location..pretty much in real time. Yes, very cool.


The Partnership:

Needium and OneBigPlanet have partnered in order to provide people “talking” on Twitter with relevant daily deal offers from OneBigPlanet’s aggregated inventory. Needium will monitor conversations on Twitter and then promote a relevant offer to that audience from OneBigPlanet’s inventory of deals. If someone is talking about going out to a restaurant in downtown LA, then automatically Needium’s service would send them options for an LA based restaurants based on the inventory in OneBigPlanets system. Yes, real cool and a rather innovative partnership. We look forward to seeing some preliminary results and wish Needium and OneBigPlanet

Here is part of the main press release about the partnership.


Enabling Real Time Social Commerce Through Twitter

One Big Planet and Needium partner to promote Daily Deals based on real time Twitter conversations.

An exciting partnership between OneBigPlanet and their intelligent offer platform and Needium’s real time social media lead generation service has been announced. They have entered into a partnership to start recommending daily deals directly to social media users based on the needs that these users are expressing. These deals will be highly relevant and offered in real time. This is an innovative approach at leveraging social media platforms such as Twitter and enabling social commerce through the millions of conversations that are occurring online every day.

Needium’s platform monitors social media messages and identifies relevant needs that consumers have; perhaps they are looking for a sushi restaurant, perhaps tickets to an event or perhaps talking about how great it would be to go on vacation this weekend. Needium monitors these conversations and using the OneBigPlanet platform suggests highly relevant deals for consumers to enjoy; thus transforming a regular conversation into a relevant social commerce transaction. The combination of Needium’s social monitoring and lead generation service along with OneBigPlanet’s deals aggregation platform delivers a scenario where consumers, deal publishers and merchants are all excited about the relevancy of it all.

Eric Aubertin, CEO of OneBigPlanet, says; “Building relevance is an essential part of our Intelligent Offer Network; and we believe partnering with Needium’s innovative approach will ensure we pave the road to contextual offers.”

As the daily deal and social commerce space matures, social media sites continue to evaluate how best to leverage their audience. The OneBigPlanet platform offers such sites the ability to provide immediate relevancy to social commerce.

Sylvain Carle, Needium’s co-founder and CTO commented: “We think that solving the last-mile problem of social media for small businesses can only be done by staying true to the essence of this medium: having real people conversing. We have the technology to index, filter and match millions of messages per day in over 100 business categories and 100 cities. Using it to offer daily deals to people that have clearly expressed needs, in context, in real-time is a pretty interesting experiment.”

Aubertin continues by stating that “Needium and OneBigPlanet are the first to jointly offer such a service to social media users. This approach is very social, is real time, is local, extremely relevant and rather cool.”

OneBigPlanet and Needium will be launching this service first in the Los Angeles market and scaling from there.

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