PIAC Publishes Industry Report on Daily Deal sites

PIAC Publishes Industry Report on Daily Deal sites

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), a consumer advocate organization out of Ottawa recently published a report on the Daily Deal industry in Canada titled, “Deal of the Day?: Consumer Protection in Online Group Buying Deals.

The purpose of the report was to analyze consumer issues surrounding the industry. The Canadian Deals & Coupons Association was interviewed and provided information for the report including interviews from Albert S. Bitton, the association’s President.

We thank PIAC and the report’s authors for investing the time to research, write and publish this industry report. Some of their recommendations should be evaluated further.

The report can be downloaded at the PIAC site.

The Daily Deal industry (if we still want to even call it that) in Canada has certainly evolved and matured over the past few years and many of the consumer issues that were rampant just a couple of years ago are simply not that prevalent nowadays. Any hyper growth industry, including ecommerce, experiences growing pains and customer services issues. Ultimately, if any deal provider in our industry wants to survive and continue to attract customers for the long term it needs to address and improve its customer experience. If not, well, customers will disappear and so will that deal provider as we have seen.

Some of the top deal providers in Canada have put a significant investment is customer service and customer experience. To name just two such organizations that have evolved over the years: Teambuy and Wagjag.

Teambuy has spent the last year post their merger with Dealfind “cleaning up” the customer service nightmare that Dealfind left behind. As such, Teambuy is a significantly different organization than Dealfind was and customers have congratulated them with continued sales growth.

Wagjag has also invested in a renewed customer service experience, in a more streamlined website experience, an operational reorganization and in receiving an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau. No other deal provider has received that high a rating from the BBB. Service and customer experience is a crucial part of Wagjag’s focus and it shows.

Here at the Canadian Deals & Coupons Association we also receive numerous messages from consumers concerning their experiences with deal providers. We have seen a significant drop in concerns over the past year, showing that industry providers are making strides in improving their service and taking customer retention and post sale service far more seriously.