Remember “The Butchers” Deal?

We thought an update to the “The butchers” deal would be apropos. Given that they sold a ludicrous amount of product through Dealfind and other Daily Deal sites (see our Butchers post), it would be worthwhile to catch up with them post Daily Deal.

Here is “the Butchers” update from Post City, the definitive hub for all things Toronto.




    Thanks for this post, it does a great job of highlighting two major challenges in this space: 1) How deep is the role of the daily deal site in properly training businesses in what to expect once they run a deal and how to prepare for the influx of customers, and 2) the inherent double-sided impact of media on the deal. The promotion brings people in but the commentary and speculation when deals are HUGE like this one typically create a curious “panic” that drives up the speed of redemption from the industry standard of 22-25% in the first month or so.