Rogers Daily Deals…mobile version

It was brought to our attention (shame on us for not knowing sooner), that Rogers has launched a Daily Deal service that uses mobile texting as its delivery method. Although this service is now live for the Toronto region, Rogers is still working on launching a full Daily Deals site, launch date is unknown at this point. Most likely Fall of 2011

Here are the details of their mobile Daily Deals service.


  • Rather than subscribing to deals through email, Rogers Mobile Offers delivers each offer to your mobile phone via picture message or text message. All you need to do is text the word JOIN to 6060
  • All offers can be browsed right on your phone
  • Offers can be purchased right on your mobile phone and charged to your monthly Rogers wireless bill. This is a convenient feature seeing that you do not have to enter credit card information. And makes purchasing a deal that much quicker.
  • Once you’ve purchased an offer, a voucher is sent directly to your phone. Show it to the merchant to redeem.

The service is an entirely mobile experience. There are no websites and no emails.

With 9 million subscribers across Canada, Rogers is sitting on a huge potential. However, the service is only available in Toronto as of this writing. One the more complete Rogers Daily Deal service launches, Rogers will be able to leverage the millions of other subscribers it has across its other platforms. (online, TV, Cable, radio, etc) See our publishers post for further details.

If this format proves successful for Rogers then it becomes a viable and easier entry point into the Daily Deals market for other wireless players:

Number 1 player: Rogers Wireless with 9 million subscribers and equipped with Fido and Chatr

Number 2 player: Bell mobility with 7.1 million subscribers. They also own Virgin Mobile Canada, Solo Mobile, and Loblaw’s PC mobile

Number 3 player: TELUS mobility with 6.9 million subscribers

Then there are regional players such as Sask tel with 550,000 subscribers, Videotron in Quebec, MTS all stream, etc.

Launching and managing a  full Daily Deal service for these companies may be out of their comfort zone, however, adding text based offers may be something they can more easily execute. I am certain some will.

Looking forward to see happens next.

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