Rogers finally launching Daily Deal site….MAYBE!

For months and month and months now, there has been talk about Rogers launching  a Daily Deal service.

Torstar has theirs (Wagjag and percentage of Tuango)
Postmedia has theirs (Swarmjam)
Gesca/La Presse has theirs (lerenard)
Sun media has their (stealthedeal)
Yellow Pages has theirs (redflagdeals/Dealoftheday & Promodujour)
Transcontinental has theirs (themegacatch/lamegaprise)
Glacier Media (

So where is Rogers?

First, rumors about them buying Teambuy surfaced, then rumors about them shopping others sites, and finally a couple of months ago they started talking to Daily Deal technology companies to see which Daily Deal platform they can use instead of building their own or buying a competing site (yes we know who they are talking to but it would be unfair for us to mention)

Rogers is still in the process of evaluating Daily Deal technology vendors and will continue evaluating over the upcoming weeks.

We maintain our position that, if executed well, Rogers should be the largest Daily Deal service in Canada. Given their assets and audience, how could they not? Here is a quick break down of this juggernaut as previously posted here

-Canada’s largest publishing company with 75 print brands reaching millions of readers
-Over 45 digital web properties reaching over 4 million unique visitors
-Own 55 radio properties, five OMNI Television stations, the five-city CITY-TV network, Rogers Sportsnet, The Shopping Channel, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Rogers Centre in Toronto.
-Over 7 million subscribers for Rogers Cable
-Oh, and they also own this little thing called Rogers Wireless, Canada’s largest, with 9 million subscribers

Given the audience they have, the manner in which they can distribute deals, the marketing they can create and the partnerships they can establish, well, we would be supremely disappointed if Rogers was not leading the country at the end of their first year. As is the case with all businesses, execution and operational effectiveness are key.

I for one would certainly like to work with the team at Rogers in helping them grow their upcoming daily Deal service.

Stay tuned, perhaps they’ll have a decision by the end of next week.



    Interesting post. Pretty sure Rogers has been sending out daily deals in the past couple of weeks … if you text JOIN or OFFER to 6060 you’ll get the deals. Pretty cool service!


    Rogers is launching their daily deal site this week.
    Apparently they do the deals with businesses and give them huge and web sites


      Thank you Brandon, should be really interesting…