Rogers launches Rogers Alerts providing location based geofenced deals through SMS

Rogers launches Rogers Alerts providing location based geofenced deals through SMS

Cell phone companies have relationships with millions of consumers. Cell phone companies know the location of each of those consumers as they go about their day using their cell and smartphone. Retailers continue to want access to these consumers on a location basis…so they can provide location based promotions to interested consumers. Enter Rogers Alerts, a new promotional service from Rogers.

Rogers will be providing promotional offers and deals to Rogers Cell phone users through SMS. However, this initiative is different from their previous Mobile Offers service. Rogers Alerts will provide SMS offers to consumers based on location proximity to retailers. Walk by a Future Shop or a Sears and your pants start buzzing. You now have an SMS offer from the retail to try and entice you to come shop.

Rogers is using the technology from a US based company called Placecast and will have an exclusive relationship in Canada.

Given the dependency of cell and smartphone across Canada and given the continued acceptance by consumers to receive location specific promotional shopping alerts through their mobile,   it makes sense that all cell phone carriers provide such a service to consumers in Canada. We anticipate the other carriers, Telus, Bell, Videotron, etc , to follow with similar offers. Telus already provides offers to their consumers but not on a location based situation. Geofenced location and time based offers are an effective way for cell phone companies to finally succeed with Deals & Coupons as opposed to some of their other failed attempts.

Shopwise, the mobile APP from the Yellow Pages, also already provides deals and offers to Canadian consumers, however not through SMS and not all based on a geofenced time of day and location.

Large providers of local deals with large consumer databases totaling in the millions such as Torstar (Wagjag, Jaunt, Travel Alerts and and Teambuy should consider expanding their services to include geofenced location based offers from big brand stores much the same way Rogers Alerts is providing. This will enable the likes of Teambuy and Torstar to finally build relationships with big box retailers, something that has eluded them, and provide a different stream of revenue other than the typical daily deal, local offer format. The trick is for deal providers to get consumers to download and use their app.

We also do not believe that consumers have a preference as to how they receive their location based mobile offers; be it through SMS or in APP alerts.  As long as they opt-in and receive offers based on their location and time of day, then that has value.

Rogers continues to scratch its way into the Deals & Coupons space, regardless of two past attempts that did not work out (SMS Mobile offers and rDeals daily deals). Presently Rogers promotes deals to consumers through their The Shopping Channel brand and now the Rogers Alerts SMS service.

A full press release from Rogers is included below.


Sears Canada, Pizza Hut Canada and Future Shop among the first retailers to offer Rogers wireless customers personalized, location-based offers through Rogers™ Alerts

TORONTO, Oct. 2, 2013 /CNW/ – The days of clipping offers out of newspapers and local flyers will be long gone as savvy shoppers on the hunt for deals nearby can now simply turn to their smartphone instead. Rogers announced today the launch of Rogers™ Alerts, a new location-based mobile solution that allows Rogers wireless customers to access personalized, location-based offers from their favourite retailers on their smartphone.

“We know that over half of Canadians are interested in signing up to receive relevant promotions and product offers on their smartphones, especially when the store is nearby,” said Nyla Ahmad, Vice President of Local Digital, Rogers. “With Rogers Alerts, we are leveraging the latest technology to deliver a truly unique proximity-based shopping experience that’s personal, and exclusive to Rogers’ wireless customers.”

National retailers including Sears Canada, Future Shop, Pizza Hut Canada, A&W, Second Cup and Rogers Wireless are amongst the first to take advantage of Rogers Alerts, the first of its kind in the Canadian market. Leveraging highly advanced and innovative geofencing technology on the Rogers Alerts platform, retailers have the ability to target consumers in close proximity to their retail locations with personalized and timely offers.

“Rogers Media already has the country’s strongest multiplatform media brands and has established itself as a powerful large-scale marketing solutions partner,” said Jack Tomik, Chief Sales Officer, Rogers Media. “Now, with Rogers Alerts, we are leveraging the latest data-driven solutions to create even greater bottom-line results for our clients – fully harnessing the power of reaching the right consumer at the right time and place.”

Rogers Alerts will further be available to advertising clients as both a stand-alone and integrated multiplatform buy.

“Through this unique technology, we will engage our tech-savvy customers in a completely new and personalized way,” said John Rocco, Vice President Marketing: Brand, Media and PR, Sears Canada. “Rogers Alerts allows us to make our brand more relevant by offering customers personalized deals on their smartphones that are uniquely relevant to a particular time and place.”

Rogers Alerts will be sent to Rogers subscribers who have signed up to receive offers. When registering, subscribers can customize content preferences so special offers are prioritized and targeted to their personal shopping and retail preferences. To celebrate the launch, Rogers wireless customers who text (SMS) RALERTS to 5050 will receive CAD$5.00 off their next Rogers Wireless bill[1].

Retailers and other businesses can create virtual fences called geofences around physical locations; when a mobile device on the Rogers wireless network is within the geofenced area, registered subscribers will receive exclusive and targeted offers via text message (SMS).

Rogers Alerts is powered by technology from Placecast, a leading location-based marketing and loyalty solutions provider. Through an exclusive agreement, Rogers will deliver the California-based company’s tried-and-tested platform, ShopAlerts, which has been successfully employed in the United Kingdom and the United States.

To register for Rogers Alerts, Rogers wireless customers can visit

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