Sears Canada offering Daily Deals


Really? Sears Canada?!

Here is their link:

Our take:
Daily Deals and Group buying are NOT just about throwing up some clearance items and discounting the price by 20-50%. Consumers do not get excited over this.

Although we applaud Sears Canada for entering the Daily Deal business we would highly recommend that they focus on products and especially services (carpet cleaning, dry cleaning, installation) that consumers do not usually get 50% off of. Giving 20% off a specific pair of shoes is not really enticing. Shoes have huge margins and the style that is being offered may not be wanted by 98% of your audience. Instead, offer 50% of the entire shoe department! Now THAT’S enticing.

Success with Daily Deals and Group buying does not come by simply giving a discount. It’s about the type of discount, the type of product/service and the reach you have with consumers.

All the best to Sears Canada. Hopefully they can produce a service that is enticing for the Canadian audience.