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Attention Media Companies: Aggregate Deals!

Despite some players leaving the market, almost every media company is still looking into leveraging the Daily Deals industry. They are trying to figure out how to drive revenue from the massive amounts of audience they already have.    

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FOR SALE: Daily Deal Aggregators

It is inevitable, there are over 50 daily deal aggregators in Canada alone…that’s certainly not sustainable. Over the past month we have received calls from half a dozen Daily Deal aggregators seeking advice, information or recommendations on them being sold.

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  For those that have not read this piece from ITBUSINESS.CA, here it is. The topic is about aggregators in Canada. I, along with others, was interviewed for this article. We will also be posting an article on aggregators

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The Rise of the Daily Deal Aggregator

There is an explosion of Daily Deal/Group Buying sites. Great for consumers, except it is too time consuming to track all relevant deals in a given city. Enter the Daily Deal aggregator. These sites accumulate deals from numerous daily deal sites and present the information, by geography, all on one site, in one email to the consumer. This way, the consumer receives all the latest and greatest deals in an easy format. We love aggregators and consumers love them as well.

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Deal Gator, Daily Deal Aggregator expands throughout Canada

Deal Gator, a popular Daily Deal aggregator out of the US has announced its official expansion throughout Canada.

You can read about it all in their press release found below. Congrats Deal Gator, Canada needs aggregators with vision and solid features…there is now well over 50 daily deal sites in Canada and counting.

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