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Microsoft Aggregates Deals in Canada

Bing, from Microsoft, has been aggregating deals since the spring. They first launched in the US by partnering with The Deal Map. We first wrote about it here.

For a little while now, they have started, with low fan fair, to aggregate deals in Canada as well.

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Company: Bing
Main Focus Area: Deal aggregator showing deals from most Group Buying sites
Main Office: Redmond, Washington

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine.

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Bing to offer Daily Deals Aggregator

Here comes Microsoft…

Microsoft’s Bing is now offering a Daily Deal aggregator.

Here is the information you need to know.

* They will be offering deals for the desktop and mobile (

* Will be accessing over 200,000 deals in over 14,000 cities

* They have entered into a partnership with in order to to launch Bing deals. The Dealmap is a leading source of consumer deals, being an aggregator themselves.

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