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eCommerce and Daily Deal Platforms, just getting started

How do I even start this post? And why is it being published on a Friday of all days? (just could not get it out sooner in the week…..labor day, Quebec Elections, Back to School and a variety of other

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I hate Daily Deal Technology…no, I love it, really!

So what are your options for launching a Daily Deal service, technology wise?

Do you build your own, get a “guy” to build it for you, buy another failing daily deal site. Seeing that this business is less about technology and all about sales & marketing, we highly recommend that you do not spend an exhaustive amount of time on the technology issue. Today, there are numerous options, but really only one makes sense for most companies. The goal is to launch quickly and get your deals up and build your list of consumers. Making the wrong technology choice will, well, completely destroy your project time frame.

Let’s have a look at options, some more dubious than others.

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