TeamBuy partners with American Apparel

We receive a tremendous amount of requests from daily deal sites in Canada (about 130 sites sending us stuff every week), to help them promote one of their upcoming deals. We rarely say yes because that is simply not the type of site we are, nor does our audience care…unless it is relevant.

Well, now it is relevant.

Groupon started it off about 1 year ago with a great 50% off deal from The GAP. Now, in Canada, Teambuy, one of the top sites in this country, is partnering with American Apparel to promote a 50% off deal for the entire week, across Canada. This is significant for a few reasons:

1. This is one of the first, if not the first, coast to coast deal in partnership with a major retail brand. Retailers in Canada are usually conservative and wait to see what their American counter parts will do before trying it. So kudos to Teambuy and American Apparel for getting this done.

2. If this sells well and if American Apparel has positive feedback from the experience, then look for other major brands across Canada to start leveraging the daily deal space.

3. Top brands like American Apparel using Daily Deals to promote themselves are and will generate an extreme amount of exposure across the country. Teambuy will promote it to their almost 1 million subscriber list coast to coast, millions more will see this on the Teambuy website, through online media, facebook, twitter, and probably TV and radio. As a purely marketing exercise, American Apparel has already benefited and Teambuy looks damn good coming up with such a deal.

4. As the Daily deal space continues to get punched in the face, so to speak, brands like American Apparel deciding to join Daily Deal campaigns is a very positive sign.

Here is the Official Press Release from TeamBuy: partners with American Apparel for week-long Canada-wide buy

Toronto, ON – today announced an exclusive, coast-to-coast buy with American Apparel, one of the top selling fashion and basics brands in North America. TeamBuyers who purchase the American Apparel feature between Monday, September 26 and Sunday, October 2 will be treated to significant savings. For $25, buyers will receive a $50-credit for use online or at any location across Canada.

American Apparel offers great basics for men, women and kids, so we felt like this would be a valuable feature our customers would enjoy. There is something for everyone,” said Ghassan Halazon, CEO of “Plus, we have more savings to share; anyone who downloads our new iPhone app will receive $5 in TeamBucks to use towards any offer they like.”


On a related point: we are seeing more and more top retailers and brands across the country participate in Daily Deals. However, it must be done right for it to be effective and to protect the retailer’s brand. Just deciding on which daily deal company to use will impact the outcome. As such, we are announcing a new service, good timing with this American Apparel offer, where we will be working specifically with Canada’s top brands and retailers to help them navigate and leverage daily deal marketing. Top brands can now contact us directly and have unbiased advice on how best to proceed and with which daily deal site to use. We do not want to take anything away from TeamBuy’s spotlight. So we will write a specific post about this later.

As such, good luck to TeamBuy and to American Apparel. We anticipate, based on numbers so far, that Teambuy should sell anywhere from 11,000 – 15000 vouchers by the promotions end, or more. Let’s see what happens.

Great job Ghassan, Edward, Andrew and the rest of team at TeamBuy.

UPDATE: Teambuy is crushing sales numbers for their American Apparel deal. We estimated 11-15,000 sold for the whole week, but they are already passed 10,000 at the start of the second day. It seems that they will blow by our estimates. Nicely done. Brands of Canada take note.

UPDATE 2: As the deal comes to a close, Teambuy will most likely sell around 19,100 vouchers of this deal. That’s about $477,500. Nicely done.

  1. I can definitely tell you from personal experience over the last few months that there are a ton of major corporations that are looking to participate in the daily deal industry. Without naming any names, we have been consulting with a few major corporations that are internationally recognized as leaders in their industry.

    The main reason why many of these large companies have not yet run daily deal promotioins is because their marketing companies have no experience or expertise in the daily deal industry. Personally, I have met with some of the largest “traditional” (i.e. pay and pray)marketing companies in Toronto and no one knows anything about this industry. Therefore, these marketing companies are not actively suggesting running daily deal promotions because they do not have any knowledge of this space. However, this is quickly changing. Expect to see many more promotions from major brands over the next few months as we enter the Christmas shopping season. Hats off to American Apparel for taking part in our industry and not wasting a bunch of money on billboards!