The Mobile Opportunity…or not.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile. The future is mobile, users are moving towards mobile, smartphones adoption is huge, develop for smartphones, advertise on mobile, smartphones can make breakfast, etc.

There has been plenty of hype over the use of mobile by consumers and how consumers transact, buy and share over mobile networks. While growth is certainly happening quickly,  Deal companies in Canada are not adopting mobile as quickly as previously thought. And certainly not as passionately as their US counterparts.

Our objective is not to convince or debate one point of view versus the other. We have already written how bullish we are on mobile adoption and how that will impact buying trends. However, the following slides will better illustrate the trends in Mobile adoption. We will let them speak for themselves.

These slides are from Mary Meeker, Investment Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, one of the top investors and thought leaders in the Digital space. They are from her presentation titled: 2012 Internet Trends Report. We cherry picked the slides that were most relevant to the mobile space.






One of the key slides in my opinion is this one:



Although many percentages hold for Canada, we believe this one is a bit lower for Canada.


 Mobile traffic as a percentage of overall internet traffic increasing nicely.




This slide shows significant opportunity in Mobile ad spending. (certainly for Deal sites to reach consumers but for local merchants to reach local consumers as well. Deal companies are marketing services and helping merchants advertise to consumers through mobile can certainly be a benefit of the service to that merchant.)


This is actual good news for Deal sites wanting to acquire customers at cheaper rates.






That’s it.

Canadian Consumers are already using mobile…in droves. The issue in Canada is that companies are not investing along side adoption. In Canada, given our conservative ways, there must be a a clear ROI before mobile services and products are developed, launched and grown.  Fair enough…but don’t wait too long.